Crypto firm to launch unique token project in PH

Published September 28, 2021, 5:46 PM

by Bernie Cahiles-Magkilat

Cryptocurrency company HyperBoost announced it has come up with a unique tokenomics and utility use case project that is second to none in the industry.

According to Jeremiah Blancaflor, an experienced CEO who will lead the HyperBoostteam, the featured coin will be used in various cryptocurrency ways.

Blancaflor explained that tokenomics, derived from the combined words token and economics, usually refers to the economics of a crypto token. This refers to all the features of the crypto token that make it attractive to investors.

Blancaflor said the HyperBoost team is dedicated to showcasing the coin in the cryptocurrency industry, and specifically to play-to-earn enthusiasts.

The crypto company is planning to partner the token with the crypto gaming and non-crypto gaming industry to give every prospective user a chance to leverage the token’s compatibility with online games.

“The goal is to ensure that every game or cryptocurrency lover will find a use for the token,” he said.

After its successful launch in the US market, HyperBoost’s leadership is also targeting Asian countries, particularly the Philippines, China, Singapore, and Vietnam where it has seen potential millions of users that could help boost the popularity and acceptance of the token. Players can also benefit from tons of incentives on the platform that will help boost the economy which has been severely affected by the global pandemic.

In its whitepaper, the HyperBoost team highlighted the five components of the community-driven project which include the HyperBoost token into Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with advanced buy-back burn protocol and innovative redistribution, a hyper vault platform that is a decentralized application that adds Decentralized Finance (DeFi) features to other BSC tokens or stake hyperboost tokens to gain more, and an NFT Marketplace which is a decentralized exchange for developers, artists, and players to trade non-fungible tokens around the world.

It is also an initial game offering (IGO) launch pad, a decentralized presale for P2E Game Developers that helps them to market their works in alliance with the HyperBoost token through gaming features. Blancaflor aims to turn the project into a real-life that the holders can incorporate into real-life applications such as merchandise, food, and more.

Moreover, the initial token coin offering will be public and private. Users can take advantage of any of the sale methods to purchase the token and hold it or use it to play their favorite online crypto games or other games they like.

Blancaflor said interested investors can join HyperBoost’s Telegram group for an early chance to buy and hold the token. They are also eligible to receive incentives offered by the team to investors such as “a discounted price before launch plus bonus on tokens”.

The team plans to launch the project by October as the community grows. “It’s time to unite people by bringing them closer to cryptocurrency as innovation grows with it, as people support innovation increasing its societal awareness, they contribute to society in making the digital world a better place to join in,” Blancaflor said.

Citing features of the token, Blancaflor said the token can serve the dual purposes of a utility and governance token. Consequently, aside from its primary use case in the gaming community, it also empowers holders with voting rights to contribute to future decisions that may affect the token and holders.

HyperBoost has recently disclosed that certain partnerships are being established even before the launch and they will be announced as it goes forward. They have also drawn an open sponsorship in exchange for bringing local retailer brands to be included in the support of their project, some had vouched for gaming computer laptops for future developments of 3D rendering software and applications ensuring the project to succeed.

Blancaflor stressed sponsors were only participants in the project and do not involve in exchange for tokens: “We only consider their support and have no debts to pay them.We will treat everyone fairly, everything is to be disclosed for transparency as the project evolves.”

With this innovation, gamers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts can already have a common platform to combine their dual passions into a money-making venture.Through the token, they can invest for the future while entertaining themselves in the crypto gaming community and elsewhere.