Get to know the ideal lighting for every area of your home

Published September 27, 2021, 5:36 PM

by Manila Bulletin

Choosing what lighting to install can make or break your room. Lighting sets the ambiance and mood in your space and significantly affects the overall look. Apart from the style and design, your lighting fixture must also match every purpose of each space. 

To learn more about lighting ideas and tips that will make your home both gleam in style and functionality, here are the ideal lighting solutions from Alphalux for every area of your home. 


Our kitchen needs adequate and proper illumination as the busiest part of our home, where food preparation and cleaning are done. Aside from your central and ceiling-mounted fixture, you must install task lighting like downlights and undercabinet lights in your kitchen sink, countertops, and food prep areas. When you have a kitchen island, pendant lamps are perfect for overhead lighting. 

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Bask your living room with a warm ambiance with a chandelier. Place it at the center ceiling of your living room to set the focal point.

You can also add a subtle yet focused glow with track lights which are designed to reach every corner of the room with its adjustable feature. This type of lighting is also versatile to work with other lighting systems while creating visual harmony in spacious and open floor areas such as the living room. 

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Your bedroom should be the most comfortable and relaxing place at home. You may not need as much lighting in your bedroom, yet it’s essential to get the perfect lights to achieve the vibe you want for your bedroom.

Bedside table lamps and indoor wall lamps with warm lights can add a cozy feel to your space. Nightlights could also help you see enough without turning on your primary lights for a bit of glare of light during sleeping time. You can consider adding mirrors to reflect the natural light coming in during the daytime for a brighter appearance. 

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Your bathroom area must be as bright as it should be. For safety, proper hygiene, and personal grooming, bathrooms require careful lighting installations. One of the most common lightings in the bath area are wall sconces that are typically installed on both sides of the mirror for symmetrical lighting—making your space shadow-free. Or you can try to install mirrors with built-in lights for your vanity area.

It is also recommended to use sealed recessed downlights in your bathtub and shower area, these types of lights are designed to withstand humidity and prevent electric mishaps caused by water. 

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As homeowners, you should not compromise your safety and security and neglect your outdoor lighting. Keep your exterior windows and doorway well-lit and bright. You need to choose high-quality fixtures that are durable, waterproof, and can withstand any weather conditions. Adding post lamps in your pathway can is a smart way to keep your outdoor path walks well-lighted. In setting a stylish and cozy ambiance, string lights are perfect to light up your patio area and backyard. 

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Brighten up every space at home with Alphalux lighting solutions. Alphalux product offering includes bulbs, downlights, panel lights, ceiling lamps, floodlights, filament bulbs, track lights, pendant lights, wall lamps, emergency lights, LED tubes, and louvers. 

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