NCT 127 releases new album ‘Sticker’; talks about goals, favorite tracks

K-pop boy band NCT 127 made their comeback in one and a half years with the release of their studio album “Sticker” on Sept. 17.

Before the release, “Stickers” garnered a whopping 2.12 million copies in pre-orders as of Sept. 15, heralding NCT 127 as a “double million seller” before their comeback.

NCT 127 at their press conference on Sept. 17 for the album “Sticker” (SM Entertainment)

The album contains 11 songs including the carrier track “Sticker,” a hip-hop dance song with a strong bassline and rhythmic vocals and signature flute sound.

During an online press conference for the album on Sept. 17, NCT 127’s Jaehyun, Taeyong, Doyoung, Haechan, Mark, Taeil, Yuta, Johnny and Jungwoo discussed the album, their return and goals.

Only after one day, the pre-orders for “Sticker” reached 1.3 million and are now at 2.12 million, setting a personal record for NCT 127.

“This is all possible because our fans have been constantly showing us support. We were really nervous as said in the beginning, but we're excited and we're going to work hard to continue becoming even better. So thank you!” said Taeyong.

New album after "Neo Zone"

It was in March 2020 when NCT 127 released their last album “Neo Zone” and members expressed their excitement to make their comeback.

“It's almost been a year and a half since we've come back as NCT 127. We're excited, and hope our NCTzens are also excited for this moment,” said Doyoung.

Jungwoo said, “It's been a while since we've released a full-length, and we ask for your love and support. We've prepared a lot and hope you guys will stay tuned for it all!”

“We are back better than ever, so please stay tuned,” said Taeil while Yuta commented, “We're coming back after a year and a half, and are excited for it. We ask for your love and support!”

According to Jaehyun, “We've spent a lot of time preparing for this, and are excited to be back. We hope you guys enjoy it as much and we'll do our best to enjoy this moment together as well.”

“We're very excited for this moment and hope our NCTzens are as well,” said Mark while Haechan said, “We've spent a lot of time preparing a lot for our NCTzens and you can definitely be excited for it.”

Johnny commented, “As said, we've prepared a lot for this album in the midst of the pandemic and hope our fans are excited.”

“Sticker” album

Taeyong said “Sticker” has 11 songs including the carrier track of the same name, explaining, “I know a lot of people liked our title track 'Kick It' from our 2nd full-length so we were a bit worried on whether or not we'd be able to bring something even better and show an even greater performance.”

“But in the midst of all that, is where we found 'Sticker.' We've worked hard to show how much we've grown, and we've all come together to find a track that really shows our colors well,” he added.

About the title track “Sticker,” Mark said “it has a catchy signature flute sound that I think will really stay with you once you listen to it. It has a new style of performance that we haven't shown before, and I think you'll be able to see a whole new side of NCT 127!”

According to Taeyong, when they first heard “Sticker,” they thought it was like the song “Touch” but when they heard the flute sound, they “realized this is for us. It wasn't easy at first and we thought a lot about how we'd perform this, but Yoo Young Jin also gave me the chance to participate in the rap making to make it a bit more NCT 127's color so Mark and I worked on that.”

About the “Sticker” dance, Jaehyun said, “Through the choreography, you'll be able to see our neo yet powerful side to it. It's very energetic yet 'sticky' as well. There's a lot of group choreography and I think the dance is also something to focus on.”

For the “Sticker” music video, Jaehyun said, “we added a neo twist to a Western-styled movie. We focused a lot on the special effects to create a futuristic atmosphere using lights, CG, etc.”

“There's a really cute puppy that actually appears in the music video and it's definitely a focus point,” said Taeil.

“We were worried when filming because there was actually a fire, and staff said this was going to be a good sign so yes, we're really excited,” said Taeyong.

Haechan said in “Sticker,” fans “will be able to see our vocals and rap as well. Performance-wise as well, there'll be tracks that're more for listening and ones that are more visual so I hope you guys are excited.”

Doyoung said while preparing for the album, they “thought a lot about what our fans would want to see from us. We wanted to try something new that's different from what we've tried out before, and to show some new colors to NCT 127. I think it came out great, and we're all really satisfied with the album.”

NCT 127 members picked their favorite song from the album. It is “Promise You” for Johnny, Mark and Jaehyun, while Haechan picked “Magic Carpet Ride” and Taeyong chose “Focus.” Taeil said it is “The Rainy Night” for him while Jungwoo said “Dreamer” and Doyoung chose “Sticker.”

Concerts and goals

When asked if they have any planned concerts, Doyoung said, “Not as of yet, but once the situation gets better, we are definitely going to get started.”

NCT 127 received a lot of attention through “Neo Zone” especially in North America and Taeyong said, “I believe it's because of our first tour. Prior to the pandemic, we had the chance to travel and meet all of our global fans. We got to show them our performances and just who we are, and I feel like it was also only possible because of all the love and support that our fans showed us for our second album as well. As said, we look forward to being able to meet soon.”

About what they want to achieve through their new album, Doyoung said, “We're making a comeback after a year and a half, and so we hope this moment and this album becomes a gift to fans. One that makes them look back later on and realize this was one of the best from NCT 127.”

“I'd really want people to enjoy this album. We've also taken a lot of time and consideration into the performances along with content that we can share with people. So I hope you guys will enjoy it,” said Taeyong.

NCT 127 debuted in 2016 and they are now in their fifth year. About this, Jaehyun said, “I think without everyone around us that's been helping and all our fans as well, it would've been difficult for us to become who we are today and really grow into the individuals we are. Being in our fifth year hits a bit differently now. I hope for us to always keep that heart of gratitude and thanks towards our fans and everyone around as we continue forth.”

Doyoung said, “Five years isn't a short period of time. We've had a lot of experiences as NCT 127, but even within, one thing that hasn't changed from the beginning to now is the relationship and connection we have with our fans. It's one where we fully support each other, and we try to keep to that mindset - being thankful for it all.”