How to drain water away from your garden

Aside from drought, another common problem among gardeners is when it rains too much. Some gardens have excess water sitting on the surface of the ground causing the soil to be muddy and overwatering plant roots. 

To keep plants from drowning because of excess water, create a ditch in the garden to help drain the water away to another location. 

Photo by Harrison Haines from Pexels

Drainage ditches don’t have to be large but it has to be at least 18 inches deep. The deeper the ditch, the greater the depth of well-aerated soil. But lowering the water level beneath plants’ roots isn’t the only way to promote good drainage in a garden.

Raised beds provide well-aerated soil for vegetables and flowers. And since this setup raises the plants’ roots above the water level, it lessens the risk of drowning among plants especially when there’s continuous rain. 

To create a raised bed, build enclosures made of wood or stone then place in enough topsoil to fill each bed a foot deep. The higher the surface of the bed, the higher the chance of having well-draining soil for the roots. 

Gardeners can get creative about the design of their raised beds and the plants will be safer from water when the weather becomes unpredictable or extreme. 

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