Pisay Ilocos takes ‘appropriate actions’ on sexual harassment complaint vs faculty member

After receiving a formal complaint alleging sexual harassment that involves one of the faculty members, the Philippine Science High School-Ilocos Region Campus (PSHS-IRC) assured that it has been taking “appropriate actions” to ensure that justice will be “swiftly and properly” served.

PSHS-IRC logo (Pisay Ilocos Facebook page)

Signed by Campus Director Ronnalee Orteza, PSHS-IRC issued an official statement issued Wednesday, Sept. 15 on the sexual harassment allegations.

“In this regard, we would like to reiterate that the campus condemn sexual harassment in all forms,” PSHS-IRC said.

PSHS-IRC noted that even before the formal complaint was lodged and the issue made the rounds on the different social media platforms, “we have already been taking appropriate actions in dealing with the complaint allegation against the faculty member.”

While the school appreciates the concern of the community and its clamor for accountability, PSHS-IRC implored the general public “to first prioritize the safety and respect the privacy foremost of the minors who are involved.”

“Please understand that we cannot disclose the particulars of the school’s course of action on social media,” PSHS-IRC said.

“We primarily take into consideration the welfare of the students involved, one of which is by immediately providing them psychological debriefing,” it added.

PSHS-IRC noted that while reaching out to the school’s administration may “seem challenging” at times, it cautioned against using improper venues such as social media.

“We acknowledge the power of social media as the easiest recourse to raise concerns and for these to be acted upon processing incidents through the proper forum is important for justice to be swiftly and properly served while upholding due process and the rule of law,” the school said.

Given this, PSHS-IRC encouraged students and parents to “lodge reports not only on the issue at hand but also about all similar cases” to its Complaint Desk Officer which can be reached through [email protected]

Photo shows the building of the Philippine Science High School-Ilocos Region Campus (PSHS-IRC) uploaded on its Facebook page/Pisay Ilocos on May 20, 2014.

“We appreciate your vigilance and drive for truth and justice at this critical time in our community and we hope that, with your help, we will be able to keep Pisay Ilocos a safe place for Northern Scholars,” PSHS-IRC said.

PSHS-IRC also assured that actions related to addressing such cases are in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws as well as rules and regulations under the 2020 Rules of Procedure for Disciplinary Cases in the DOST System (DOST administrative Order No. 019 s. of 2020 which conforms to the 2017 Rules on Administrative Cases in the Civil Service (2017 RACCS).