Can faith mix with science fiction? This Filipino mom makes it happen with her trilogy on Amazon

Author I.S.A. Crisostomo-Lopez releases follow-up stories to her novel '58 Minutes in Driftland'

After the success of her debut novel “58 Minutes in Driftland,” author Iris Crisostomo-Lopez launches two new books, completing her first trilogy.

I.S.A. Crisostomo-Lopez, author of '58 Minutes in Driftland'

After working for 15 years as a corporate communications officer for a multi-national company, Iris retired several years ago and became a fulltime wife and mother of four. Now she got her hands full, running a household. But in between caring for her children and doing housework, she finds time to write, an activity she has been doing for three decades.

Apart from jotting down words, Iris also finds solace in praying. Being a Catholic, during times when she felt low, she turned to prayer and began writing down her thoughts. Writing, according to her, never failed to lift her spirit. With those two activities, the author bridges the different worlds of faith and science fiction with her coming-of-age tale.

“‘58 Minutes in Driftland’ is my first attempt at combining my faith journey with science fiction,” Iris says. “It’s a story of struggle and hope, a story about nightmares and dreams, about friends and bullies. It’s also about believing in yourself. Or if you don’t, it’s about believing in the self which you have yet to discover.”

With the launch of two new books that complete the Driftland Trilogy, Iris hopes that her stories can delight, amuse, and inspire young people to find light and hope in whatever situation they may be. Readers everywhere can now avail all of the three books, in paperback and e-book formats, on Here’s what the novels are all about.

58 Minutes in Driftland’ (Book 1 of the series)

An allegory on a person’s journey to self-realization and the battle between good and evil.

When 17-year-old Alunsinag Bayani, a Filipino immigrant in the US, accidentally stepped into Driftland, he discovered he could switch places with his alternate, more efficient self for 58 minutes. The switch opens doors for him to discover his strengths and regain his self-confidence.

But trouble looms over Driftland when nightmares threaten to spread fear and diminish hopes and dreams. Can Alunsinag and his companions conquer their fears and save Driftland?

‘Driftland Breached’ (Book 2 of the series)

Driftland is a wonderful yet strange place where childhood dreams and nightmares are real. It is also a place where one could go back and experience memories from the past for 58 minutes.

As nightmares spread darkness in Driftland, a new virus has mysteriously emerged. What could be causing the nightmares to wreak havoc? Did someone disrupt the balance and cause a breach?

Amid all the tension, Alunsinag must hurdle the challenges at hand: he must play alongside class bully Lucas Meyer and win the basketball tournament for the Roosevelt Eagles. He must also race against time to identify the other Warriors of Light who were prophesied to save Driftland. The clue: their names mean “light.”

‘Final Battle for Driftland’ (Book 3 of the series)

As darkness engulfs Driftland and infections spread in the real world creating chaos, the warriors prepare for a battle that would coincide with the solar eclipse.

Under the guidance of Prof. Ambert, the warriors undergo a series of tests to assess their strengths and vulnerabilities. They must overcome the Horseman of Unbelief, the Horseman of Unhealing Hurt, the Horseman of Well-earned Merit, and the Horseman of Final Rest.

In a surprising turn of events, Alunsinag is faced with a dilemma: Can he accept his arch-nemesis Lucas to join his team as a warrior? Can he find the courage to ask Ziya to be his date to the Spring Swing? Can he hold fast to the light of his faith and make the ultimate sacrifice to save both worlds?

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