13 fun facts about Charlie Dizon

Charlie Dizon

25-year-old Charlie Dizon is a budding actress to watch out for! She has starred in successful films such as Four Sisters Before the Wedding, and her award-winning role as Fan Girl, both in 2020.

Here’s 13 fun facts to know and love about this rising star!

1 'Charlie' Dizon almost became a 'Joey'!

Charlie’s real name is April Rose Dizon Matienzo. According to Charlie, her showbiz name “Charlie” was a collaborative effort between her and ABS CBN’s Charo Santos-Concio. They had wanted a name that was unisex in nature, and felt that “Charlie” was the perfect fit! “Joey” was also one of the shortlisted names.

Could you imagine Charlie Dizon as Joey Dizon?

2 Charlie actually spent quite some time in Korea growing up!

Charlie says she was in Korea for a total of nine months as a young teen. In fact, she was training to be a K-Pop Idol at the time, and felt that it was in Korea when she learned to become independent. “Sobrang worth it siya na experience. Dun ko nakilala ang sarili ko.”

Because she was alone in a foreign country, she was forced to immerse herself in the culture and learn the language. In her efforts to connect with her fellow Korean K-Pop Idol trainees and get around the country, she had to step up and adjust in a completely new environment, “feeling ko dun talaga ako first nag-grow and nag-evolve as a person.”

3 Charlie was told 'she had no talent' before!

The award winning actress was told that she had “wala naman masyadong talent” when she was in Korea. But the organization she was training under recognized her stern discipline and very diligent work ethic. And Charlie says she was told “yun dedication, and yun natuturuan, yun daw ang pinakaimportante.” So she carries these values until today!

4 Charlie could have been part of the LABOUM K-POP girl group!

Charlie was supposed to be part of LABOUM alongside original members ZN and Solbin.

5 Even before Nancy McDonie became known for her part in Momoland, she and Charlie were already friends!

Nancy was actually part of the same training academy that Charlie was in, but one batch lower. And because Charlie was one of the few who often spoke in English, she naturally drew close to Nancy, who could also speak the language fluently, having grown up in the US. They had become good friends since!

6 Charlie’s Korean name is Sawori

Charlie shared that Nancy actually still calls her by her Korean name, Sawori!

7 Charlie can sing and rap in Korean!

When asked to “sample”, trust that Charlie will go for the song “Ma Boy!”

8 Her first acting debut was as John Lloyd’s sister in the 2017 film, Finally Found Someone

While she did not have any speaking lines in the film, Charlie shares her gratitude for having been able to personally witness how her co-stars do blocking, acting, among other film etiquettes. She said she carried over some of her learnings from there to her next movie, Seven Sundays under Director Cathy. She was credited as “April Matienzo” in both movies.

9 Charlie is the youngest of four sisters

Just like her titular role in the film Four Sisters Before the Wedding, she actually has three sisters in real life—except they are all older than her. Her three Ate’s live abroad, in the US and in Canada. And they all video chat every day, and are still very close to each other despite the distance! “Minsan nga sabay sabay pa sila tumatawag sa akin!”

10 Veteran actress, Iza Calzado, helped make her the FAN GIRL!

She had worked with Iza Calzado for another film in the past, and it was Iza who invited her and referred her to audition for Director ‘Tonette’ Antoinette, which enabled her to achieve the award-winning role as Fan Girl!

11 Charlie is the newest and first ever celebrity endorser of skincare brand, Hello Glow!

“I found myself very attached agad to Hello Glow,” says Charlie.

Charlie emphasizes Hello Glow’s Filipino roots, and mentions that majority of its product lines are made in Korea. Somehow similar to Charlie—Filipina by ethnicity, infused with a bit of Korean cultural influence!

She says she loves the Korean feels of Hello Glow, and its advocacy of pursuing cruelty-free practices and gentle formulations, consistent with the brand’s tagline “because your skin matters”.

12 Charlie never goes out without SPF!

Charlie is committed to her sunscreen, and this is a routine she picked up from her days in Korea. Conveniently, Hello Glow has a 3-in-1 Lightweight Sun Care Gel, which she genuinely likes and feels is perfect for the humid Philippine weather! “Swear, lightweight talaga!”

13 Charlie owns a dream board!

A dream board is a visual representation of one’s goals. Some of the things in her dream board include owning her own properties and growing her investments. At the end of the day though, Charlie’s ultimate goal is simply to “be happy!”