GOSSIP GIRL: Beth Tamayo on her new baby, 'This was God’s promise to me'

Sloanne Isabelle Hitchinson

At 43-years-old, Beth Tamayo shows off her baby girl on Instagram with the caption,” I know we're late but here she is! I wanted to say thank you to our family and friends who have been checking on us daily and praying with us. We are so lucky to have you in our lives."

Gossip Girl wanted an exclusive interview, and the former actress-turned-executive assistant in San Francisco agreed. “Her name is Sloane Isabelle. Isabelle means God’s promise. This was God’s promise to me. I have always wanted a family, and it took me this long to get here. At a young age, I have always wanted to have kids, so they will look like my barkada but I have reproductive issues. I have tried IVF with my first husband, but it wasn’t successful.”

Beth Tamayo and Adam Hutchinson

I guess God knew her first marriage was not going to work out, so He did not give Beth a child that time. When her first marriage collapsed, just like LJ Reyes, Beth flew to New York City and worked two jobs to afford New York living. “I worked in the office by day and waited tables at night. Everything was hard in the beginning, but enjoy naman. I always joke na alipin ako ng dollars which is somewhat true hahaha!”

When her work relocated her to San Francisco, she met her present husband Adam Hutchinson, a program manager for Google, on a dating app. They recently had a simple wedding last March 3. On her Instagram, she wrote, "Getting married during the pandemic was quite an experience. We had limited the people invited, and our marriage transpired in the comfort of our home. We even used a toolbox as our laptop stand. Sooo classy. When it is safe, we will definitely celebrate with our family and friends and have the best time ever.”

Her two weddings are such ironies as she had such a glamorous big wedding with her former husband, Chinese millionaire, Johnny Wong. But Beth is living proof that all the riches in the world will not make you happy, as she chose to struggle in the United States just to achieve peace of mind. She even accepted a job as a babysitter for a Colombian family and worked as a cashier in a Victoria Secrets store.

Lola Zeny Tamayo (right) and Bea Alonzo

But Beth’s humility and hard work paid off. She is now extremely happy with Adam, who is a good cross between Ian Veneracion and KC Montero. Life may be simple, but no amount of money can buy peace that surpasses all understanding. I am sure Sloane Isabel Tamayo Hutchinson will grow up to be a beautiful girl like her mom Beth and her lola Zeny Tamayo who is a spitting image of Bea Alonzo during her teens.

Recently Bea's beau Dominic Roque who is Beth’s first degree cousin posted in his IG stories a throwback picture of her Lola Zeny Tamayo side by side with her girlfriend Bea and the two looked like one person. Will it be Bea and Dom forever? Let us hope for the best. But with Beth and Adam, I can boldly claim that I know it will be forever!