LOOK: Tourism video of MUPH's fan-favorites

Pangasinan’s Maureen Christa Wroblewitz (who topped the Casting Video Challenge), Cebu’s Steffi Rose Aberasturi (who topped the Runway Challenge), and Masbate’s Kirsten Danielle Delavin (who topped the Headshot and Video Introduction Challenges) are among the Top 30 finalists decided by fans.

Recently, Miss Universe Philippines released the Tourism video of the candidates featuring their hometown. 

Bulletin Entertainment collated the video of three ladies, who happens to be fan favorite. 

Steffi: "Cebu. Home of endless coastline, warm local hospitality, and beautiful stories to tell. Here you or not just a guest. You are family. Immerse in rich culture and history. Indulge in unique culinary escapades. Dive in the endless magical wonders of nature. Relax, enjoy, and experience one of the best islands this universe has to offer. And then there was silence. Suddenly everything became uncertain. But we are resilient. Our spirit continues to shine through, as we stand tall. We strive not just to live but to thrive. We stand together because we are in this together. And when you're ready to go on an adventure again. We'll be here to welcome you back! I am Steffi Rose Aberasturi. See you again in Cebu in time."

"Hello, there universe. My name is Kirsten Danielle Delavin. And I present to you, Masbate! When you open the map of the Philippines, right at the heart of the Philippine archipelago is where you can find my hometown, Masbate. I'm proud of this fact, like a heart, this place really does pump so much joy in life to us, Masbateñas and Masbateños, every day. Of course here in Masbate, we have pristine beaches with crystal clear water, outstanding marine life, and postcard-worthy views, and the rodeo action. Masbate would be regarded by tourists as a dream destination, but for me, Masbate is more than that. I have lived a full life here. With these wonderful people, almost every corner, every place has a special memory with people I know and loved. Where neighbors know and love each other. That's one of the best parts. In Masbate, there are almost a million of us here. But why does it feel like we all know each other? I have lived here for 15 years and its beauty still surprises me every day. I am proud of this province. I am a proud Masbateña. And this is my home, Masbate!"

"Pangasinan, my beloved and cherished province of Pangasinan. Good day everyone! Ako si Maureen Christa Wroblewitz. Join me as I revisit and rediscover my beloved province, and my home, Pangasinan. Pinned at the northwest of the Philippines is a land of salt, Pangasinan. The name is derived from asin, but people are sweet and welcoming. We felt this as we set our feet on mom's hometown, Rosales - the gateway to the north. What better way to know more about Pangasinan than from its locals, and they all have one thing to say: "Joyful!" Staying true to this, our Bangus Festival and Pistay Dayat. Well, these were halted people relive the essence of why these festivals are celebrated. Thanksgiving for the bountiful harvest, home to Our Lady of Manoag, the tallest bamboo statue of San Vincente Ferrer, historical gulf and beaches, an international seaport in the making. The famous 100 Islands, and millions of jubilant Pangasinense, altogether validate that Pangasinan has beauty and wonders to offer... and a breath of fresh air. It is also in these wonders where locals get what sustains their families, what do they do with this? These local delicacies! It's one perfect way to seize the moment while you're here... and more. Pangasinan's tourism industry was afflicted by the challenges brought by time. Hotels and Resorts redesigned their operations to ensure our safety. May these changes and challenges, inspire us to take better steps because nature's marvels and adventure await us. We truly find fun in Pangasinan!"