Why are Filipino healthcare workers in high demand abroad?

Published September 6, 2021, 5:53 PM

by MB Business

A send-off ceremony for at least 50 Cebu health workers consisting of medical doctors, nurses and medical technologists that will help the hospitals who are in full capacity in the National Capital Region (NCR) and other places as the places are having a High surge of Covid19 cases. The ceremony was graced by the Office of the Presidential Assistant to the Visayas (OPAV), Cebu City Government, Cebu Provincial Government and Cebu Hospitals Officers. The Health workers will also bring medicines and convalescent plasma. (Photo by Juan Carlo de Vela / MANILA BULLETIN)
(Photo by: Juan Carlo de Vela) mbnewspictures / mbnewspix

If there’s anything worth commending during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s the heroism and selflessness of the Filipino healthcare workers in the country and abroad who are risking their own lives to keep COVID-19 cases from getting out of control.

At the height of the pandemic, countries like the United Kingdom lauded around 21,000 Filipino frontliners who were working for the country’s National Health Service and private hospitals for their extraordinary contribution to UK’s battle against COVID-19.

However, long before the pandemic, Filipino healthcare workers have been in high demand abroad with the Philippines being the highest exporters of healthcare workers in the world, particularly in nursing.

Alejandro Coca, co-head of TrueProfile.io

Alejandro Coca, co-head of TrueProfile.io, a platform that provides Filipino healthcare professionals around the world with the tools they need to secure a lucrative career abroad, revealed in an email interview that it was due to three important factors.

First, the Philippines provides quality medical education. “The Philippines is home to a number of excellent medical universities and nursing colleges, with whom TrueProfile.io has close working relationships with.”

Apart from that, Filipino healthcare workers uphold an excellent standard within the English language. Coca added, “this makes them extremely employable in a number of countries.”

With the pandemic highlighting shortages of healthcare staff in many parts of the world, this creates considerable opportunities for Filipino healthcare workers who are dreaming of working overseas. In the last 12 to 18 months, TrueProfile.io has experienced a surge in inquiries from employers at hospitals and clinics abroad who are looking to strengthen their workforce by hiring more healthcare workers.

Currently, Filipino healthcare workers abroad enjoy numerous benefits: “Broadly speaking, healthcare workers can enjoy salaries which are considerably higher than in their home country, modern and well-equipped hospitals, free healthcare of medical insurance provided, permanent or introductory accommodation provided, relocation remuneration, the opportunity to sponsor their families and annual flight tickets.”  

So for Filipino healthcare professionals aspiring to work abroad, Coca advised to have realistic expectations not only about the hiring process but in working abroad. They must be prepared to adjust to a different culture and environment than they are accustomed to. For the application process, they must understand each step in hiring and licensing process or work with a recruitment agency who can help applicants in the process.

He also stresses the importance of having all the necessary documents such as education and employment records, license and certifications, ready and to make sure these are fully verified. “Missing documents will not be overlooked and can hinder the application process.”

To verify all documents, applicants can log on to www.TrueProfile.io. By signing up to become a member, TrueProfile.io offers its Members with a number of career solutions including a free digital CV which can be shared with employers, regulators and recruiters and can also be showcased on social media. In addition, Members can also utilize recruitment services and a wealth of resources to answer any queries about moving to the UK. This opens them up to a world of job opportunities on an international scale.

Interested applicants can simply create an account on TrueProfile.io (https://member.trueprofile.io/register), build a myTrueProfile page, and then set contact settings to the ‘Recommended’ option in order to attract new career opportunities.

Given the admirable working qualities of Filipinos, Coca shared the last important factor why Filipino healthcare workers will continue to enjoy many lucrative job opportunities abroad: “They are incredibly compassionate and hardworking which are sought-after qualities within healthcare recruitment.”

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