Pussycat Dolls founder sues Nicole Scherzinger

The Pussycat Dolls are slated to do a huge comeback tour.

A bit of snag has come up, however.  

No, it’s not just because of the ongoing pandemic.

A legal war involving group founder Robin Antin and one of the group’s more popular members, Nicole Scherzinger, is reportedly developing.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Antin has filed a lawsuit Friday in a Los Angeles court against Scherzinger, alleging she’s threatening to walk away from the tour unless given majority share and complete creative control.

The same report said Antin, as represented by his attorney, Richard Busch, already came to an agreement with Scherzinger to do the reunion tour in 2019 via a Memorandum of Understanding wherein she would get 49 percent.

Supposedly, Scherzinger now wants to renegotiate the deal, asking for 75 percent and final decision-making authority.

The singer-actress is yet to issue a statement about it.