LOOK: This father is a proud owner of beauty salons

Edwin Lisa wants to share his knowledge and skills in microblading by offering scholarships

Beauty aesthetic industry is a cut-throat field for everyone, but there’s more pressure for straight men servicing the female dominated market. This is something Edwin Lisa, a loving husband and soon to be a father of three children, can attest to. 

In an interview with Manila Bulletin Lifestyle, the man behind the successful Edwin Lisa Brows & Aesthetics shares how he finds ways to make his customers comfortable and how is giving back to the community now that he already established his name in the industry. 

“Originally I was a barber. After three years working in a barber shop, I was able to buy a place where I built my own shop,” he says. “That was the time I transitioned from being a barber to a hairstylist.” 

As a self-taught worker, Edwin admits that it was not easy. “Before I became a hairstylist dumaan ako sa butas ng karayom (passed through the eye of a needle) for me to learn the business,” he says. “How can I please my female customers given that I am a straight man?”  

To do that, he studied how gay and female stylists deals with their customers and he tried to adopt those, making sure that his customers are comfortable under his care. “I was able to adapt their character. It made it easier for me to talk with my clients and sell my services,” Edwin says. “Aside from hair-cutting, I learned to do rebond, curl, and other treatments done in a hair salon.”

To broaden his horizons, in 2014 Edwin flew to Singapore to study microblading or the art of eyebrow tattooing. He braved this new venture even though during that time, this kind of service was not yet prominent in the Philippines.


MAN IN ACTION Edwin Lisa teaching the basics of microblading

“At first it was difficult to explain to people what is microblading. Their first perception is that this is a typical tattoo that last for lifetime,” he says. To date, Edwin now has four branches around Metro Manila and Marikina. 

Inspired by the things he learned abroad, Edwin decided to share his knowledge and skills to his countrymen, hence, the birth of El Brows Microblading Academy. Here, Edwin teaches the art of microblading with a minimal amount of fee. 

Given his humble beginning and background as a working student who learned things just by watching his uncles cutting other people’s hair, Edwin is aware that not everyone is capable of paying for tuition fee. 

With that, he offers a scholarship to those who want to join his class. Interested and deserving students will only need to pay for the materials they will be using throughout the program, and the rest is for free. 

To apply for this, simply visit http://www.edwinlisabrows.com/academy/ or send email to edwinlisabrows@gmail.com