Gay parent pens daughter sweet letter after she enters Miss Universe Ph 2021 finals

Gay parent Dr. Jumel Bornilla wrote his daughter Simone Nadine a sweet letter moments after she made it to the top 30 official candidates of Miss Universe Philippines 2021 beauty pageant.

"Hats off to a job well done. At last, the most awaited moment has come! It’s all worth the hardships, sleepless nights, rigorous trainings, emotional breakdowns and musculoskeletal aches and pains due to countless poses during unending photoshoots and pasarela training," said Dr. Jumel.

Simone Nadine has earlier revealed that she was raised by gay parents Jumel and Manix Genabe.

Jumel and Manix (foregrounnd), parents of Simone Nadine Bornilla

Jumel also advised his daughter to be kind to all the candidates and pray a lot.

"As we always told you, prayer is the most powerful tool. It will bring you to places," he added.

The doctor added: "Inspire them. Show them that each and every one can reach their own maximum potential. That every dream is valid."

Proud gay parents Jumel and Manix with daughter Simone Nadine (Facebook)

Simone Nadine dedicated her stint in the MUPh pageant to the people of Marinduque.

"We’ve made it to Top 30, and it’s all thanks to you. You’ve all helped me become one step closer to this lifelong dream of mine, and for that I’ll be forever grateful," she wrote on Facebook.


"Marinduque, I promised to bring you on national stage again, and gladly in just a few more weeks we will be. From here, we’ll achieve greater things. I promise you," Simone Nadine added.

The grand coronation of Miss Universe Philippines 2021 will be held on Sept. 25.