GOSSIP GIRL: MTRCB wants to regulate erotic movies on social media platforms

The stars of '69+1'. From left: Maui Taylor, Janno Gibbs and Rose Van Ginkel

This coming Friday, Sept. 3, with 7.1 million views on their trailer across all social media platforms, Vivamax bosses are expecting their new sexy comedy film "69+1" to top the charts beating erotica film "Taya" which has been announced by Vivamax to have set the record of holding the highest number of single day views in Vivamax.

The film which contains a sensual scene of a guy and three sexy sirens in bed is now the number one most viewed content in the streaming app, beating Vice Ganda’s digital concert which is in the top 5 and Sharon Cuneta’s "Revirginized" which is in the top 7.

If their foresight is correct, Vivamax’s top three contents would be all sexy films - "69+1," "Taya," and "Nerissa." So what can Vivamax say now that the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) legal chief Jonathan Presquito wants to regulate all video-in-demand platforms which means all the videos of Vivamax, Netflix, Iflix and Amzaon Prime?

“Good luck if they can review all. Of course, as an erotica film director, I am all against this. We are making movies specifically made to be viewed in the privacy of your home, not in a big venue. They should concentrate their efforts in reviewing public television and movies for theaters and leave us to our business," says director Roman Perez Jr. of erotica movies “Taya” and “Adan” during the mediacon of their movie “Taya”. “I specifically wrote 'Taya' with having 'Scorpio Nights' in mind and vowed to make my movie wilder. How can I write such a film knowing that MTRCB will just cut my scenes?”.

From left: AJ Raval, Cindy Miranda and Sheree

MTRCB chief legal counsel Jonathan Presquito tells the Senate panel, “Registering video-on-demand services with the MTRCB and subsequent regulation would ensure films are given age-appropriate classifications, no prohibited content will be shown… In Korea, all Netflix content goes through prior review…”

Senator Sherwin Gatchalian adds, “Movies just come to our TV sets. These companies are selling straight to our homes. The bill’s goal is to update our regulatory environment, update our laws to somehow protect consumers …That includes Filipino children watching these video-on-demand applications. The old system of rating movies at cinemas is no longer enough- especially with the COVID-19 pandemic keeping people at home.” Gatchalian is talking about the Internet Transactions bill, which he authored to set guidelines for online businesses. If you ask me, I do not think having a regulatory board encompasses his bill, since his bill only covers selling and buying online content.”

Senator Imee Marcos suggests to the Senate panel something that all video-on-demand application business should be afraid of - a stand-alone law on digital media. “As we remain in lockdown because of the pandemic, the reality is, the creatives are getting more creative about putting pirated and even legal material online," says the brilliant senator.

So I suggest before the law is enacted, start watching your favorite video-on-demand movies because once MTRCB steps in, even my favorite line by Sharon Cuneta in her film "Revirginized" referring to the privates of Marco Gumabao will be reduced to a mere “grabe and laki ng bleep-bleep !” Now that will be such a bore!

"69+1" will be streaming this Friday in Vivamax starring Janno Gibbs, Mauie Taylor and Rose Van Ginkel.