The country’s digital limits could be exceeded — Streamtech

Published August 27, 2021, 8:58 AM

by MB Technews

One of the more lasting effects of the pandemic on the economy is the forced fast-tracking of the digitization of many companies’ processes and ways of working. With most businesses switching to some form of “work-from-home” arrangements, and the Department of Education, as well as the Commission on Higher Education, also mandating the implementation of “e-learning” or “distance learning,” this new normal is proving to be more complex than it already is.

Most Filipinos are already grappling with below-par internet connections as it is. Indeed, if digitization is the ticket to the modern life, the state of the telecommunications options available to Filipinos is a substantial limitation not just to the productivity of individuals, but also to the stability and growth f the economy as a whole.

But limits are meant to be exceeded. This is where Streamtech comes in. Understanding Filipinos’ pressing need for high quality and dependable internet services, Prime Asset Ventures, Inc. (PAVI) officially launched its telecommunications subsidiary, Streamtech Systems Technologies, Inc.

In an important first step toward serving the Filipino people better, Streamtech intends to take over the internet systems operations of Planet Cable, Inc., a multi-system operator offering cable TV services, cable-Internet, and digital video broadcast. Hence, the latter’s operations in Luzon (Regions I, III, NCR, and CALABARZON), Visayas (Iloilo Province), and Mindanao (Davao) will soon be under Streamtech.

The new telco entity has established strong peering with Tier 1 global internet upstream providers, especially those in the Asia-Pacific and United States routes. Having its international point of presence has allowed Streamtech to quickly expand capacity to multiple Gigabit connectivity. Localized content and peering add to its network strength, making it easier to deliver good connections using a fully meshed metro ethernet supporting fiber reach. Moreover, it has secured a direct partnership with one of the leading international telco equipment manufacturers. The latter is the technology partner for its network equipment and its fiber-to-the-home access technology.

Streamtech initially offers fixed broadband for residential and SMEs, Direct Internet Access, and Metro E connectivity for enterprises. Its major clients include Vista Land & Lifescapes Inc., which operates housing brands Brittany, Crown Asia, Camella Homes, Communities Philippines, and Vista Residences; and essential-services brands PrimeWater, S.I. Power Corp., Kratos RES, E-Prime Business Solutions, and Crystal Clear.

As it strives to raise the bar of telecommunications services in the country, apart from offering fast fiber connections, Streamtech also delivers value-added products and services to its clients, such as the Digiclass e-learning bundles, ZPacks vlogging and gaming bundles, and Extendifi wifi extenders. These allow consumers a fuller and more enjoyable experience in terms of internet access.

“We have marvelous hopes for providing internet services to the farthest reach possible, also in line with our commitment to provide high-quality services to Filipinos across the country. It is with great confidence that we can give a boost to the internet experience of our existing and future customers,” says Paolo Villar, founder of PAVI.

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