Mayor Emi lauds PSA for efficient service

Published August 26, 2021, 3:14 PM

by Jean Fernando

Pasay Mayor Emi Calixto-Rubiano lauded the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) for providing the most accurate and vital data to the government, especially to the local government units (LGUs).

Rubiano noted that the data being provided to them by the PSA were the ones they are using to provide the most efficient and effective service to the people.

“As a city mayor, I am interested in the latest statistics of local population and the demographic data of our city, which we are using to better serve the people and attend to their needs,” Rubiano said.

The mayor made the statement during the PSA Provincial Data Dissemination Forum on Population Counts held in Pasay on Aug. 25, during which she also lauded the PSA data gatherers for doing their work well despite the threats of the coronavirus.

“We recognize the challenges facing the PSA data gatherers and we are thankful to them for doing their job despite the pandemic and risking their lives just to give us the most important pieces of information that we need,” Rubiano said.

“But their sacrifices are worth it because today we are receiving accurate information and data based on verifiable metrics and not guesswork,” she stressed.

Rubiano also said that data-driven governance is one of the key factors in effective governance in Pasay City.

“As they say, knowledge is power and information is strength. I will listen intently to various presentations and will use their information to better govern and lead our people,” Rubiano further said.