Kris Bernal on beauty standards—’there’s none’

Published August 16, 2021, 7:01 PM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

Actress Kris Bernal has always been slim, even sharing in one of her recent videos that it’s not funny having a waistline between 22-23 inches. She would always have the clothes altered to fit her body frame.


Recently, she posted a photo of her that bared her toned abs and, what others think, a body frame that was too thin. This prompted her to post about the topic of body shaming. “Yeah, right, whatever,” she started. “My purpose is way bigger than anyone’s opinion of me. And, I will never sacrifice who I am because someone else has a problem with it. In a time when emotional and mental wellbeing are gravely impacted, I hope more people will normalize our bodies for keeping us alive (No matter what shape it’s in!). Normalize shunning “beauty standards” because there’s none. We are all strong and beautiful just as we are.”

She continues to support all her readers and whoever needs a boost by sharing this reminder, “I work hard. I am responsible. I dress well to feel better. I put myself together every morning. I workout to improve my mental health, mood, and physique. I manage my money. I pay my bills. I run my businesses on my own finding out my greater purpose of providing jobs. I am educated and respectful. I have visions and plans for the future. Who doesn’t value those, doesn’t deserve me. Love and light!”