WATCH: rienne shares music video for 'Just Friends'

Just a week after the release of the second part of their trilogy, rising indie star rienne shares a music video for “Just Friends”. 

“We shot this in downtown Parkersburg, in the southside, and we have a shot near the studio where my crush takes ballet lessons,” rienne shares. “When she saw the music video, she said “hey that’s near my studio”, and I was like, “that’s kinda the point!””

Directed by Zack Hendershot of 508 productions, the music video production took place in one of West Virginia's most historic cities - Parkersburg, where the 20 year old singer-songwriter is currently based.

The opening clip takes us on a tour around the colourful city. Throughout the whole video, we see rienne spending time with a mannequin. “I chose a mannequin because the girl I was in love with was with someone else,” they explain. The dreamy and picture-perfect scenes matched with the masked lyrics and beat of the song, rienne convinces themselves to be “just friends” with the girl they like.

Despite being true to their feelings, the music video is an illusion of not ending up with the person you like. It tricks listeners with a light and upbeat melody, visuals tainted with warm, pink tones that make you feel elated and happy -- only to have you realize that the  four minute clip portrays another side of the story filled with frustration from rienne of wanting to become more than “Just Friends”.

The last installment of the trilogy will be out in October.