Philippine culture-inspired mural can now be seen in Timor-Leste

Published August 11, 2021, 3:20 PM

by John Legaspi

Here’s what its design is about

Pinoy spirit is present in Southeast Asian nation Timor-Leste with a wall-sized mural featuring elements that evoke Filipino pride, culture, and nostalgia.

‘Pilipinas In Timor-Leste’

Unveiled on Aug. 6, 2021 is the mural, dubbed as “Pilipinas In Timor-Leste,” is part of the two nations’ art collaboration. Located in Dili, the mural measures 45 ft. across and 12 ft. at its highest point. Much like its purpose of cultural diplomacy, the mural is painted by Filipino and Timorese artists.

Representing the Philippines is Ang Gerilya, a Manila-based art group known for their work on the Lagusnilad Mural Pre-Colonial to Modern Day Heroes and “Kanaw” Amadeo, Cavite the Coffee Capital of the Philippines Mural Project. Together with them on the project is Gembel, an all-Timorese group of self-taught painters, illustrators, and artists.

A closer look on ‘Pilipinas In Timor-Leste’

According to the Philippine Embassy, it is designed to incorporate “history, symbols, and culture mainly of the Philippines, while including icons of the ASEAN (Philippines is a Founding Member) and Timor-Leste (the host nation of the Philippine Embassy in Dili).” The mural has more than 30 symbols in it, from Philippine national emblems like the Mayon Volcano, the Sampaguita, and the jeepney to ASEAN-related details and Filipino achievements at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

‘Kareta Rizal’ or ‘Kotse ni Rizal’

Sorbetes cart

Apart from the large scale mural, the Philippine Embassy in Dili, Timor-Leste, also launched the “Kareta Rizal” or “Kotse ni Rizal” and a “sorbetes” cart on the exhibit with actual ice cream inside!

Visit the Embassy’s Facebook page to know more about “Pilipinas In Timor-Leste.”