No order yet for DILG, DSWD takeover on 'ayuda' distribution from 'disorganized' LGU

Published August 10, 2021, 12:16 PM

by Chito Chavez

The Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) said on Tuesday, August 10, that it has not received any order from Malacanang to take over the cash assistance (ayuda) distribution on a City government in Metro Manila which was mentioned by President Duterte as having a disorganized policy on assisting its constituents.

“Wala naman (there was none). We haven’t received specific instructions from Malacañang,” said DILG Undersecretary and spokesperson Jonathan Malaya.

In a briefing on Monday night, August 10, President Duterte directed the DILG and the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) to take over ayuda distribution duties of an inept LGU for its lack of organization in the process.

Neitizens quickly identified the LGU as the Manila City government currently headed by Mayor Isko Moreno who has been engaged in a verbal tussle with the President, the recent was on the issue of influx of hundreds of people in vaccination centers before the August 6 implementation of the Enhanced Community Quaratine.

Duterte has repeatedly attacked Moreno on his late-night Talk to the People. Moreno on the other hand has been subtly hitting back by citing that some leaders are all just talk, busy sleeping and would wake up being fooled by his men. Recently, supporters of Moreno said that it was Duterte who instigated the influx of people in vaccination sites when he threatened to have the police prevent unvaccinated people from going out.

Moreno is reportedly eyeing the presidency in 2022. Duterte’s daughter Sara, on the other hand, is being encouraged by several staunch allies of Duterte to replace her father.