GMA reporter exposes Nas Daily following alleged Whang Od Academy ‘scam’

Published August 5, 2021, 2:42 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Nas Daily

Recent tweets of GMA News journalist Shai Lagarde are currently trending online.

In there, she seemingly exposed the “true” color of Palestinean-Israeli video blogger Nas Daily.

On Twitter, she re-tweeted a post that read: “Nagugulat pa ba kayo kay Nas Daily? Lol he has been milking our culture since day 1.”

Then, Shai shared a story of her friend’s family, who reportedly hosted Nas in their hometown “because he was looking to do more PH content.”

Apparently, the script that Nas had imagined didn’t match what he saw there.

“So even if there was a good story to tell, he ended up throwing a tantrum and packing up,” Shai said.

She went on to say how Nas “imitated/mocked” the accent of the locals.

“No one cares about these farmers! This won’t get views. This isn’t what I wanted to shoot!,” Shai wrote, seemingly referring to what Nas said during tantrums. “Why are Filipinos so poor anyway? You’re so (cursing emoji) poor!”

The creator that Nas came with called and apologized on his behalf.

“My friend was a huge fan and was so disappointed. Their parents were shocked. But they decided not to do anything about it,” Shai said. “We just thought, maybe someday his actions will catch up to him and people would see through all of it.”

The said post quickly garnered different reactions. Most netizens are furious about Nas’ “Pinoybaiting.”

“Glad, I have never ever followed this guy nor watched any of his videos. Also, don’t forget the guy behind the Project Nightfall page. They have the same strategy,” one pointed out.

Some added how they stopped watching Nas videos after he tackled politics.

“I really don’t like it when foreigners acting like they know about the Philippine politics when they really don’t,” an online user related.

Then another said: “His view on politics and world issues was already a red flag, the fact that he actually looks down on farmers ? He’s praying for his own downfall.”

Many also suggested that Filipinos should stop patronizing Nas by unfollowing him on his social media accounts, where he has almost 21 million followers on Facebook while 3.7 million subscribers on YouTube.

“The best thing to do is unsub.”

“Front act lang pala lahat. Dahil lang sa views, at walang pakialam kung makasakit ng tao at lugar na tinatapakan na hindi niya baluarte.”

Recall that Nas trended recently, after Grace Palicas, the grandniece of the 104-year-old Kalinga tattoo master and Dangal Haraya awardee Whang-od, called out the foreign influencer.

“WARNING!!! Whang Od Academy is a scam. My grandmother did not sign any contract with @NasDaily to do any academy. Some people are taking advantage of our culture. PLEASE HELP US STOP this disrespect to the legacy of Apo Whang Od and the Butbot Tribe,” she posted on “Tattooed by Apo Whang-Od” Facebook group.

Note that Nas announced last June that 12 Filipino personalities including Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray, fashion designer Michael Cinco, food vlogger Erwan Heussaff, and broadcast journalist Jessica Soho will be sharing their knowledge through the “Nas Academy.”

Among the latest courses it offered was Whang-od. For P750, people could discover “all her rituals, tools, and methods for making traditional tattoos.”

“The Nas Academy team had to travel two whole days to a remote village in the Philippines just to find her and bring this course to you,” the text in their website read. “Now, you get a chance to learn from a living legend, preserve her legacy, and pass it on to future generations.”

As of this writing, the learning page for Whang-od’s craft is no longer available on Nas Academy.