‘Girls Planet 999’ with contestants from Korea, Japan, China to premiere Aug. 6

(From left) Tiffany Young, Yeo Jin-goo and Sunmi during the 'Girls Planet 999' press conference on Aug. 5 (Mnet) 

The competition show “Girls Planet 999” featuring 99 contestants from South Korea, Japan and China will make its awaited premiere on Aug. 6. 

On Aug. 5, host and actor Yeo Jin-goo together with the show’s K-pop Masters Sunmi and Tiffany Young held a press conference to discuss the program. 

Many of the contestants are current girl group members. They include Choi Yujin (CLC), Sim Seungeun (BVNDIT), Huh Jiwon (Cherry Bullet), May (Cherry Bullet), Kim Bora (Cherry Bullet), Chiayi (FANATICS), Kim Doah (FANATICS) and Lee Rayeon (FANATICS). 

Some contestants come from other reality shows such as “Youth With You 2” (Chen Xinwei, Fu Yaning and Xu Ziyin) and “Chuang 2020” (Cui Wenmeixiu, Shen Xiaoting and Su Ruiqi).

iQiyi International has secured streaming rights worldwide excluding China, Japan and South Korea for “Girls Planet 999.” The show is produced by CJENM, which will have simultaneous English subtitles for viewers around the globe.

The contestants recently attended the Korean music show “M Countdown” and performed the theme song “O.O.O. (Over & Over & Over)” for the first time in public. They started on three round stages and ended on one huge stage. It represented girls from different countries gathered under one roof for their dreams. 

In the first trailer, some contestants were quite aggressive, and their first contact was heated. Chinese participant Fu Yaning used rap lines to diss Korean participant Choi Yujin from girl group CLC. Fu also demonstrated her ambition and claimed she would “conquer all the other girls”. In this grand competition, contestants will aim for nine seats available for debut.

Starting Aug. 6, “Girls Planet 999” will be simulcast streaming with Korea at 7:20 p.m. (SGT) every Friday worldwide (China, Japan, Korea excluded) on the iQiyi International app and iQ.com. It offers simultaneous English subtitles where viewers can cheer for their contestants in real time.