LOOK: Olympic gold medalist Tom Daley knits at the Olympics

Who could he be knitting for?

Winning the Olympic gold medal in the men's synchronized 10-meter platform diving competition a few days back didn't stop British diver Tom Daley from supporting his teammates in the other Tokyo Olympics competition.

He actually loves knitting, even making a pouch with the British flag design for his gold medal.

But it didn't stop there, he also brought his knitting kit as he watched his team mates compete that BBC channel and Olympics Instagram posted him with his hobby. "No time off knitting for the Olympic Champ Tom Daley. Do you think these remarkable designs just make themselves?⁠ Hands up for a dedicated knitting tent at the Olympics?⁠"

The 27-year-old Tom even left a comment, "Knitting is my mindfulness, how I find my calm, how I stay focused. I’m obsessed!"

To add, BBC commentator Katherine Downes said at the live coverage on Sunday, August 1, morning. "There's Tom Daley—he's got his knitting needles out."

"What do you reckon he's crafting there? I wonder who he's making that purple concoction for?" According to the BBC article, he could be knitting "some sort of hat, with a cream trim—and may be intended for his young son, Robbie—although Tom himself has yet to comment on his latest creation."