Hit Chinese drama 'Falling Into Your Smile' OST drops, BTS from artists, producers show in-depth view into making of music

According to WeTV, the Chinese streaming platform, “Falling Into Your Smile” is the hottest and most streamed Chinese drama right now, beating out other on-air Chinese and Korean dramas on its platforms across the regions with an IMDb rating of 9.1.

And prior to the reveal of the star-studded lineup of the original soundtrack album released last month, New Style Media Group (NSMG) recently released a behind-the-scenes video on their YouTube channel about of the music production o f the album.

Xu Cai (left) and Cheng Xiao

The global release date of the “Falling Into Your Smile” OST album is Friday, July 30.

A co-production of NSMG and YOUKU, rom-com drama “Falling Into Your Smile” stars main leads Xu Kai and Cheng Xiao who show sizzling on-screen chemistry. The sweet romance, heartwarming friendship and team bonding moments makes for an enjoyable experience for viewers as they follow the characters on their journey of pursuing their dreams.


As the drama wraps up its run for VIP members, the behind-the-scenes videos gave an insight on the artists thoughts that participated on the album. Other than participating artists such as Xu Kai, Cheng Xiao, SEVENTEEN, WayV, Angela Zhang, BonBon Girls 303’s Chen Zhuoxuan, Zhai Xiaowen, FrankiD, Gao Han, Lara Liang, Naomi Wong and Air League Band, the music producers also all shared their thoughts on their tracks, the challenges faced and some behind the scene stories during the album recording.

Zhai Shaowen

In particular,  actor Xu Kai believes that “Soulmate” is a love song made just for his character Lu Sicheng and Tong Yao, played by Cheng Xiao. SEVENTEEN’s Joshua shares their struggles recording in Chinese for their track “Warrior” and boygroup WayV reveals their surprise that their song “Everytime” was completely different to what they expected from a romcom drama series. That, as well as believing how much the whole OST of “Falling Into Your Smile” and its story reminds them of their own group’s bond and friendship.

In addition to the OST album, an instrumental music album of the OST is also on its way to global streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, JOOX, KKBOX and more. Fans can continue to reminisce about the best moments from their favorite scenes.