JC Cares Foundation: A good heart amid the pandemic

NATIONAL DISABILITY PREVENTION WEEK VISIT – JC Cares Foundation members visited Barangay Pillar Village in Las Piñas City recently to join the celebration of the 43rd National Disability Prevention & Rehabilitation Week.
The negative economic effects of the pandemic have affected the people for more than a year now. As the vaccination program rolled out across the country, many people went back to work or resumed their businesses to contribute to reviving the economy.

However, many people are still left without jobs or livelihood.

Among those hardest hit by the pandemic are the vendors with disabilities in Las Piñas City, many of them closing their small businesses because of the lockdowns and the restricted movement of people. These vendors, who rely on their livelihood to survive, have been severely affected by the pandemic.

RELIEF BAGS – A member of the JC Cares team gives a bag of sanitary items and JC health products to one of the PWD attendees.
JC Cares Foundation was swift to answer the need to help them.

JC Cares Foundation Inc., who believes that each person has the right to equal opportunity in life, is committed to helping their kababayans, especially those who are affected by the pandemic.

Recently, the foundation distributed relief packs to some 70 handicapped vendors in Barangay Pillar Village in Las Piñas City during the celebration of the 43rd National Disability Prevention & Rehabilitation Week. The theme of this year's celebration is "Kaunlaran ng mga Pilipinong may Kapansanan, Isulong sa gitna ng Pandemya."

The relief packs contained vitamins, alcohol, hand soap, sanitizers, personal kits, food packs, and other essential items which the vendors can use to help protect and nourish themselves to combat the ill effects of the pandemic.

During the visit, the members of the JC Cares Foundation team learned that vendors were afflicted with various types of disabilities ranging from orthopedic, hearing, visual, intellectual, psychosocial, and ortho-intellectual problems. But even with the disabilities, they were resilient amid the pandemic.

WELCOME –Jacob Daniel Reonal, vice president of Metro Manila PWD Vendors Association, Las Piñas chapter, welcomes the association members of Las Piñas and Quezon City
Proper health protocols of wearing masks, face shields, and observing physical distancing were observed to ensure the safety of everyone during the program.

The event was held at the Aguilar Sports Complex.

JC Cares Foundation Inc. follows a year-long calendar of activities focusing on helping kababayans in need. Through its projects, the foundation follows its commitment to lead others to have a brighter future beyond the pandemic.