Yam Concepcion thanks husband's family for accepting her

Actress Yam Concepcion recently dedicated a sweet social media post to the family of her husband, Miguel CuUnjieng.

According to her, she will never forget the first time she met them.

"I was so nervous," Yam related. "Looking back now, I can't help but sigh in complete relief and happiness because I had absolutely nothing to worry about."

"While I often thank Miguel for all the amazing things he has done for me, I think it's just as important to take the time to thank the incredible family that he comes from," she added.

The 33-year-old sexy actress first thanked Miguel's mother for her "sweetness."

"Thank you for all the delicious home cooked meals you make for us. You make the best lasagna and food for the gods! Thank you for taking great photos and capturing the simplest of moments. Most of all, Thank you for raising a son like Miguel (smiley face)."

Then, Yam declared how "very grateful" she is for the opportunity to know her husband's father.

"Thank you for accepting me into your family. Thank you for being a great example to Miguel and teaching him the importance of hard work. Thank you for all the dinners that come with the best and funniest stories from you. Thank you for always making us laugh without even trying. You are one of a kind and my favorite dad I never had," she said.

Yam grew up with her mother, a single parent.

Of course, the Kapamilya star didn't forget to expressed gratitude to Miguel's siblings.

"Thank you for never resenting me for the amount of time your brother spends with me. Haha," she quipped.

"Thank you for being such a great sister and brother to Miguel. I love you both too. (heart emoji)."