Nebrija gives golden retort to erring motorist who tried to avoid a ticket by saying he was a 'follower' of his

Published July 28, 2021, 3:21 PM

by Ellson Quismorio

Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) traffic czar Edison Bong Nebrija had a witty comeback for a supposed traffic violator who requested to be let off the hook on the ground that he was an avid ‘follower’ of the former.

MMDA traffic czar Edison Bong Nebrija (Photo from Nebrija’s Facebook)

The social media-savvy Nebrija posted the short but funny conversation he had with the erring motorist on his Facebook wall Wednesday, July 28.

“Sir baka pwede nyo po ako pagbigyan, follower nyo po ako (Sir maybe you could cut me some slack, I’m a follower of yours),” he quoted the violator as saying.

“Kung follower kita dapat alam mo na di ako kunsintidor (You should know that I don’t tolerate violations if you’re my follower),” replied EDSA’s top traffic disciplinarian.

(Screengrab from Nebrija’s Facebook)

When the violator tried to get sympathy by telling the MMDA official that he regularly watches his videos, Nebrija said, “Paki unfollow mo na lang ako tapos ifollow mo batas! (Please unfollow me, then follow the law!)”

Nebrija later told this reporter that the violator was a man who drove a tricycle on EDSA.

To end his Facebook post, Nebrija left this message for his other followers: “Sorry di po ako namgongolekta ng followers, mas importante ifollow ang batas kaysa ipagmalaking follower ko kayo tapos pasaway naman kayo. Di bale na lang! (Sorry, but I’m not out to collect followers, following the law is more important than bragging that I have followers who are disobedient. Nevermind!)”