Janella Joy Cuaton ready to shine in Miss Universe Philippines

Published July 27, 2021, 2:43 PM

by Robert Requintina

Janella Joy Cuaton

Pageant veteran Janella Joy Cuaton is ready to conquer the universe as she makes a grand comeback in the pageant scene, this time as one of the 100 official candidates for Miss Universe Philippines 2021 Competition.

Fans remember Janella as the queen who competed in prestigious pageants such as Mutya ng Pilipinas, Miss World Philippines, and Miss Tourism International.

“I cannot afford to make any mistakes. It’s a tough competition. Imagine from 100 to 300 and then one winner,” said Janella during an exclusive interview recently. “I would say I’m ready not nervous because you know I realized this, I’m not competing with them. There’s the day I cannot control whether I will win or not, what I can control is come out there and do my best. Give my heart out, and I would focus my energy on that.”

Janella added: “I also admire some candidates, they have really amazing advocacies. I believe that if we all work together, we would all win, because we all have one purpose, that is to inspire to motivate, or to shed light on different causes.”

The beauty queen from Doha, Qatar said that she hopes to inspire other people in Miss Universe Philippines pageant.

“To be honest, I didn’t think I would go back to pageantry. But then I saw this quote that he wouldn’t want to die. You don’t want to die without living your purpose in life, and I’ve been helping, even during the pandemic, even though I was out of the spotlight. I’ve been helping, I’ve been doing my charity work. But I know that with Miss Universe, I can reach out to more people I can give them a sense of hope and inspiration to share my message in my story,” she said.

When asked why she thinks Miss Universe is still relevant, Janella said: “I think, because they have such a wider reach and of course, the work that the winners do, it’s not just limited to one aspect. They have some programs for the kids, for the elders. Aside from the organizations that the Miss Universe is supporting, they also support the personal organizations of the candidates so just imagine, every year, every candidate comes with different advocacies. Their reach just widens.”

Janella also believes Catriona Gray is an amazing Miss Universe.

“I’ve always been inspired by Catriona Gray. Just see what she did in Miss University. She did something different that I would want to learn. So Catriona has been a big inspiration for me,” she said.

Janella also gave her unsolicited advice to young women out there affected by the pandemic. “Now is the time that you have to make use of this pandemic, to become better. You have this free time to make sure that you invest in yourself so that when you come out of this pandemic you can face it with, with the better you, and I want you to know that there’s no excuse to why you cannot reach your dreams for as long as you have the belief, you have that faith in yourself, you can make it go dream girl.”

The grand coronation of Miss Universe Philippines 2021 will be held in September.