Check out SM MOA’s Art Land in 3D

Published July 26, 2021, 6:26 PM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

Summer may be over, rainy days are here, but this doesn’t mean that there’s no fun indoors.

SM Mall of Asia gives you another reason to drop by their mall with MOA Art Land that’s filled with 3-D anamorphic art installation by Singaporean Ben Qwek. Located at the SM Mall of Asia Central Atrium 1, it has floor sticker installations that bring to life some of the summer activities we miss the most. Try the Banana Boat Extreme Activity, the Dive Board for the Beach Lovers, the Surf and Sunbathe on the Float, Balance on a Beach Ball, Slide Off the Sand Castle, or just Relax on the Beach Lounge Chair.

Ben Qwek is an artist from Singapore-based studio Lab Six Five that is known for illustrations and 3D anamorphic art. He has worked and collaborated with brands such as Unilever, Singapore Tourism Board, Nickelodeon, Canon, etc… So expect to see world-class work of arts that are IG-worthy to join your feed.

A time limit of 15 minutes is allocated to give way to others. Do take note that only one customer is allowed to have his/her photo taken per spot. Markers are in placed for best spots and easier shots to take.

Only a maximum of 20 persons are allowed inside at any given time. Social distancing is strictly implemented and no snacks are allowed inside. Customers are required to wear full-face shields and face masks at all times. Pets are allowed as long as they are carried, leashed, or placed in pet carriers.

  1. MOA ART LAND, a 3D art installation created by Singapore artist Ben Qwek, from Lab
    Six Five studio. It is located at Level 1 of Central Atrium of SM Mall of Asia.
  2. Have a ball and your IG worthy photo with this Balance on the Beach Ball 3D art
    installation at the SM Mall of Asia.
  3. Recreate summer memories with Slide off the Sand Castle.
  4. Dive Board for the Beach Lovers art installation.
  5. Walk, run, or surf with Surf and Sunbathe on the Float 3 D art installation at the SM
    Mall of Asia.
  6. Go on a thrilling boat ride with this Banana Boat Extreme Activity 3D art installation at
    SM Mall of Asia.