'Sana all': This student makes it to PH's 'Big 4' universities

Published July 25, 2021, 12:54 PM

by Gabriela Baron

A student from Batangas has managed to ace the admission application of not just one but all of the “Big 4” universities in the Philippines.

After the University of the Philippines (UP) released on July 15 the results of its admission application, Leigh Patrick Mamisay shared he also got accepted to Ateneo de Manila University (AdMU) , De La Salle University (DLSU), and the University of Santo Tomas (UST).

These Philippine universities are dubbed as the “Big 4” as they often make it to world rankings.

Leigh Patrick Mamisay

Mamisay admitted he never really expected to get accepted to the “Big 4” because of the volume of the students who also applied.

“It was very fulfilling seeing how all of my hard work and efforts since junior high school turned out to give something very great in exchange,” he told Manila Bulletin.

Mamisay added that AdMU already offered him a scholarship that would cover his tuition fees and living expenses when the on-site classes resume.

He decided to pursue BS Biology at the same university.

Leigh Patrick Mamisay


Since the “Big 4” waived entrance tests and instead opted to base admissions on applicants’ past academic performance, teachers’ recommendation, and essays, Mamisay said the process was rather “exhausting and anxiety-inducing.”

“To prepare for that, I anticipated the personal and school documents that these universities would probably request so that I could acquire them prior and submit on time,” he recalled.

“Since most of them required essays, I’ve pre-outlined some general essay topics which might be the actual topic for the admission process. Thankfully, I would say that I was prepared enough to submit all of the requirements on time,” he added.

The shift to online learning was also “very hard” for Mamisay who had to establish a timeline to assure that he’s not performing less or being left behind.

“Without the usual demonstration from our professors, there were certain concepts and topics where I had to really delve into just so i could fully learn them. I had to discipline myself and establish a timeline for everything. I also managed my time more effectively and tried to avoid procrastinating as much as I can.”