Visit top Asian destinations now... inside a mall

While our Asian neighbors are still close to tourism, it's still possible to experience their culture, cuisine, and even fashion without ever leaving the country. One of the well-known retail and lifestyle malls in the country is offering its mall goers a taste of travel with its four indoor Asian towns and villages that will surely satisfy your wanderlust.

Check out cute and functional home items at Japan Town

The Tokyo Olympics is currently happening and could have been a great time to visit Japan but with the current pandemic situation and travel restrictions, perhaps, we have to wait a little longer. But worry no more because this mall in Manila Bay lets you visit Japan and enjoy a line up of Japanese stores where you can shop for cute and functional house items as well as Japanese treats.

Buy and support local at Filipino Village

Even in our own country, local travel can be a challenge due to travel health requirements, which are meant to ensure the safety of locals and travelers against COVID. But in this Filipino village, you can still practice the Filipino tradition of buying pasalubong and even tasting local delicacies from different regions of the country.

Taste streetfood at Chinatown

We may have the oldest Chinatown in the world but the rainy season and traffic can spoil our street adventure in Binondo. But in this mall, you can already buy and eat your favorite Chinese street food items like dimsum, mooncake, hopia, and a lot more. Aside from the convenience, you can enjoy these treats in a safe and clean environment.

Pamper yourself at Korean Town

Whether you’re a KPOP fan or K-drama devotee or simply want to visit South Korea in the future, this mall in Paranaque offers Korea’s famous Myeondong Street experience where you can check out and shop in popular Korean retail and beauty stores that your idols love or promote.

Ayala Malls Manila Bay is one of the newest and biggest malls in Paranaque just near PITX. This new space in the mall will surely give you a glimpse of your future Asian travel plans as well as memories of your past Asian travel adventures. What's nice is that some stores and food establishments are offering discounts if you are fully vaccinated so better take a jab to enjoy the Asian adventure in this mall while practicing all safety health protocols.