Justin Cuyugan talks about narcissism, abuse amid rumored split from Dawn Chang

Published July 22, 2021, 4:30 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

The past months, actor Justin Cuyugan has been sharing cryptic posts.

One of these read: “I have been a nice Libra my whole life. Little did I know that with all the chances and understanding I’ve been giving people, I was feeding my true self. The Scorpio within…”

Then he added in the comment section: “Burning all the evil souls in my life now.”

The following day, he asked his followers if they ever had a partner secretly calling their ex in front of them.

He also asked: “How far would you go for your children’s well-being and reputation?”

Then: “Have you ever had a partner who pushes you to your limits, take a video of your anger and show it to everybody while telling them that you have mental issues?”

Then he started a “segment” or “series” about narcissism.

“Before we begin with this segment, let’s just get one important thing out of the way. Out of respect, I am not and will never pertain to a specific individual in all the experiences or instances that I am going to tell you. I might joke around about a situation but I assure you, I don’t mean to harm anybody. Si ano lang… oh ano???,” he started. “Why am I making this series? I decided to make this series about Narcissism because when I was in a narcissistic relationship, I almost lost everything and yes, that includes my life. If not for my four lovely children? I am now just dust in the wind as we speak.”

“Though being in a narcissistic relationship is a very dangerous situation, I’ve noticed that most of us are not knowledgable in this matter at dahil wala naman akong ginagawa, sige, pagkaabalahan na natin to. I hope this series will inspire us to be better people, yung hindi tatanga tanga! and find true love in all our relationships across our lives both in the mind and in our hearts. #relationshipgoals #manipulation #selflove #narcissisticabuse #help #helpingothers #narcissism.”

And it goes on.

And on.

Note that recently, he also uploaded a photo of some furniture, looking like he is all set to move out.

According to him, it should be a “warning” to everyone.

“If you give your life to a narcissist, this is all they will leave you while they swim in the riches you help them build,” he said in the caption. “This do not happen only in loving relationships. This is also rampant in work situations and much worse if you sink your life in both.”

“If you were in this situation? Know that your God was beside you the whole time because if not, you will stay in a narcissistic relationship longer putting you in deeper sh*t.”

He reiterated that if one comes to such a situation, it is their “fault” because they let them.

“Be aware, love yourself and save yourself for your family. #mentalhealthawareness #narcissisticabuse #mentalhealthmatters #narcissism.”

Many believe Justin’s posts are an indication that he and sexy dancer Dawn Chang have separated.

What added to the fire is the fact that the two have unfollowed each other on Instagram.

Justin and Dawn started dating in 2017.