WHY? Liezel Lopez, AC Banzon now quarreling over Kristoffer Martin?

Published July 21, 2021, 7:04 PM

by Neil Ramos

Liezel Lopez admits to having dumped Kristoffer Martin.

But only after Kristoffer was seen traveling somewhere romantic with AC Banzon.

Yes, the mother of his child.

The one he dumped for Liezel.

If things sound a bit convoluted well, it actually gets worse.

In this case, we don’t know who will emerge as winner, actually.

Liezel shrugged off the news when told by fans, maintaining Kristoffer actually planned to take her.

Liezel said, “Kami nag-plan non e,..ayoko lang sumama…kasi makipaghiwalay na ako…”

Why does she think Kristoffer opted for AC?

“Of course, ayaw niya mag-isa kaya yung isinama yung easy target…”

AC, on her part, posted without naming names: “LOL pavictim…”

Kristoffer is keeping quite, seemingly hoping everything would just simply go away.

In the background, the late Rico J. Puno is heard singing that old, familiar line: “Macho, gwapito raw ako, isp ko naman ay gulong-gulo…”