Volkswagen PH brings back Multivan Kombi

Published July 21, 2021, 4:38 PM

by Bernie Cahiles-Magkilat

Volkswagen Philippines launched Wednesday, (July 21) its Multivan Kombi targeting the niche premium market for the come-backing model.

At the media roundtable for the official virtual introduction for the return of the iconic Multivan Kombi, VW Philippines President Felipe Estrella said the brand new model is a premium executive van that will cater to a niche premium market.

Estrella said this market includes successful businessmen and high level executives who do look for a van type product that would meet their needs of taking them to and from business activities in comfort and style.

Multivan Kombi

At the same time, he said, Kombi has enough flexibility to transform into a weekend family van.

The Multivan Kombi, which celebrated its 70th last year, has an introductory price of P3.595 million for the monocolor model and P3.640 million for the bi-color model.

The Kombi, a unique fixture of Philippine streets during the second half of the 20th century, endeared itself to the colorful motoring and socioeconomic culture of Filipinos.

At the time, the Kombi had often become Filipinos’ first and longest-lasting encounter with a true people carrier, a vehicle originally designed, engineered and manufactured in the late 1940s to encapsulate in its own way the very definition of community.

The Multivan Kombi redefines that community by adding several notches of luxury and prestige. The world’s bestselling van now comes into the Philippine market as a re-envisioned icon, an updated and upgraded top-of-the-line Multivan Kombi that pinpoints top-level executives and successful personalities who stand to enjoy the vehicle’s sophisticated and luxurious amenities, safety features, and ride technologies the most.

The Multivan Kombi is the crème de la crème of Volkswagen’s multivans. It distinguishes itself from other Kombi configurations such as the Transporter (designed for cargo and shuttle services), Caravelle (used as an economical people carrier), and the California (designed more as a family camper).

VW said that business executives from around the world state numerous reasons their Multivan Kombi is their executive van of choice.

Among these reasons include, the Multivan Kombi exudes power and authority in its own subtle way. Inside and out, the Multivan Kombi offers luxury and design finesse befitting its accomplished owners and occupants.

Everything about the Multivan Kombi is an extension and enhancement of the owner’s well-earned privileges, the company said.

Another compelling reason is that the Multivan Kombi’s luxury is not just for show, its remarkable functionality begets greater success, the company said.

The Multivan Kombi lets you focus more on the business at hand, and less on the bumps along the way. The van is also faithful to its premium character as it makes occupant safety among its highest priorities.

More importantly, the Multivan Kombi is a family van with less on maintenance and ownership costs.

The Multivan Kombi comes with the 2-year warranty coverage, 2-year spare parts warranty, and a 12-year no-through corrosion—all with unlimited mileage. Its once-a-year visit for maintenance translates to less time spent for the vehicle to be serviced at the dealership.

Volkswagen dealers also guarantee at least a 3-month stock availability on fast-moving parts, either for general repair or for collision parts.