Bela Padilla braves swimming in cold lake abroad

Published July 16, 2021, 10:04 PM

by Robert Requintina

Bela Padilla and boyfriend Norman Ben Bay (Instagram)

Actress Bela Padilla is enjoying her trip to Italy with her Swiss-Italian boyfriend, Norman Ben Bay.

Just recently, Bela flew to Italy to reunite with her boyfriend of more than one year.

They first met in Zurich, Switzerland, where Bela shot a movie in 2017.

Bela was all smiles enjoying the weather in Italy in a series of snaps uploaded on social media.

‘Life is currently exhilarating’

On Instagram, Bela said that she braved swimming in Lago Di Lugano, a lake between Switzerland and Italy.

Bela was hesitant to swim, but her boyfriend challenged her, saying “it’s now or never.”

Her full post:

“I swam in Lago Di Lugano yesterday. Just between Switzerland and Italy. I stood by the stairs for a full five minutes before diving in because I’m not used to swimming in cold water.


“Norman kept on coaxing me with “it’s now or never.” But I just kept looking forward at the turquoise blue and up at the sun that was hiding a few minutes before these lake shots.

“Having grown up in an archipelago has always made me so comfortable with the sea. Waves washing your body with water just refreshing enough to relax you from the heat that surrounds you constantly.

“So far, though, everywhere I’ve swum here has been so cold that you get goosebumps underwater and there’s something to be said about lakes. As a self-proclaimed child of the sea, I’ve always relied on the sea’s salt and buoyancy to lift me up for my next breath, no matter how deep I go.

“While the fresh water here pulls you lower into its clear waters, and for the first time you really feel every kick to get back up to the surface, hoping that the bubble that you form around your face as you slowly relieve your lungs will sustain you until you can gasp for air again. In between countries, borders, surfaces and catching my breath. Life is currently exhilarating.”