Who is the YouTuber who ‘scammed’ Donnalyn Bartolome?

Published July 7, 2021, 2:43 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Many believe Donnalyn Bartolome is referring to Jireh Lim in her recent Facebook rant.

Donnalyn took to Facebook to call out a social media influencer who borrowed money from her but supposedly didn’t return it.

Though she did not name the borrower, Donnalyn posted a screenshot of her conversation with the culprit as proof.

Seen there are the initials J.L.

So is it Jireh?

Fans thought it was him but no, he was quick to clear his name.

“Mga lods hindi ako yan di po ako nangungutang ng pera kahit kanino mga lods. Naawa lang ako kay lods donna,” he said.

So who is the scammer?

Who knows?

Donnalyn is yet to identify him.

She just ranted.

“I don’t want any explanation. Cause I call bull. You weren’t supposed to touch the money I put in your bank account. SHOW MONEY lang you said para mabili mo gusto mo,” she said. “I wasted so much of my time and I will not waste more. Until now kahit yang 400k that you’re saying IS STILL NOT IN MY BANK ACCOUNT. More than 1 week na. Road to 2 weeks na tayo boy.”

Is there a legit legal case brewing or is it just another of Donnalyn’s pranks?