CWS appeals to President Duterte to address workers’ plight in his last year in office

The Church People-Workers Solidarity (CWS) has appealed to President Duterte to exert all efforts to do better in his last year in office.

CWS issued the call saddened by the miserable situation of workers in the country.


In a statement, the group particularly lamented how President Duterte’s campaign promise to end the practice of “contractualization” or “endo” and to improve labor conditions for all have not been fulfilled.

It said President Duterte also promised free land distribution, but since taking office in 2016, "not only has he failed to implement a genuine land reform program, he has also cracked down on those who dared to fight for it."

The group also scored the killings of industrial workers, farm workers and fisherfolks as well as the labor rights violations.

"President Duterte's campaign slogan promised the Filipino people that 'change is coming.' Five years would have been more than enough to fulfill that promise. However, the promised change never happened. With one more year in office, can we still expect fundamental changes to happen, especially now that the 2022 election is looming?" CWS chairperson Bishop Gerardo Alminaza said.

"The CWS calls on President Duterte to address the workers’ woes, let justice prevail and truly serve the interest of the Filipino working people," he added

"Perhaps, he may still redeem himself if he takes our challenge to put the dignity of the human labor at the center of his efforts in his last year as president; and to have the passion for The True, The Just, and The Good," said Alminaza.

June 30, 2021 marked the five years of President Duterte.