HELP! Kris Bernal receives over 23 Grab food deliveries from fake bookings

Published July 4, 2021, 7:55 AM

by Robert Requintina

Kris Bernal (Facebook)

Actress Kris Bernal slammed the culprit behind the 23 Gab food deliveries from fake bookings last Saturday night, July 3.

On Instagram, Kris also sought the help of netizens in reporting the bogus bookings from the food delivery service.

“Sadly the amount of the deliveries are of no jokes. Please help me report to @grabfoodph @grab_ph 💔 Kawawa po ang mga riders, umuulan pa. Please help!” wrote Kris.

Here are the posts of Kris:

“I neither have enemies nor did I offend someone. I have no idea who did this and I can’t remember any incident that triggered this to happen. All I know is I didn’t do anything wrong to someone for me to deserve this kind of treatment.

“What saddens me the most is I’m not the only one affected in this situation, but also the Grab drivers who were victims of the fake deliveries. I really hope that there was even a bit of sympathy to the riders. They are the main victims here. I hope the person who did this will feel a bit of conscience,” said Kris.

“Please help me report to @grab_ph@grabfoodph. I am hoping to raise awareness. Please share. 🙏🏻

“I’m sure this is not her real name. But this is the name and number that were recorded with all the deliveries today,” she said.

In a separate post, Kris said that she would never ask someone to order for her, adding that she would order and buy it personally.

“This is not first time that this happened to me

“As you know, I’ve been a huge supporter of small businesses and I put my full effort in supporting them in hoping to increase their sales. FYI, I don’t require any payment from them because I just really want to help.

“She pretended to be my assistant and asked to receive the products for free from a small business I promoted. To all the small businesses whom I promoted, continually promote, and will promote someday, please be informed that I DO NOT SUPPORT ANY OF THESE BOGUS BUYERS. Please do a cross-checking and don’t allow them if they pretend to be my assistant and ask for free goods.

“I’ll never ask someone to order for me. I’ll order and buy it personally.

“It’s the same voice, same names used, but different number – 09756107881.”

Just a heads-up to the small businesses I promoted and will promote.

This Sunday morning, July 4, Kris said that more products from fake bookings were delivered to her home.

On Facebook July 4, Kris wrote:


“As of 7:03 today, I got 18 (And, counting) random GRAB FOOD deliveries all addressed to my house, all from the same name: Jen Jen Manalo.

Click to read full post on Facebook:

“Sadly the amount of the deliveries are of no jokes. Even 2 vans arrived at our house saying that I will be picked up.I’m not the only victim here but also the GRAB RIDERS na nag-seserbisyo lamang and went all the way here to deliver several orders. I really feel bad for the riders’ efforts. This thing has been prevalent lately.

“Please help me report to Grab @grabfoodph. I am hoping to raise awareness and to whoever who did this, I can sue you.0951″