'Walang support': Pinoy inventor to share secrets of his Tesla-inspired tech to foreigners

Filipino inventor Ismael Aviso unveiled a tantalizing "free energy" breakthrough over 10 years ago--the kind that would make oil company owners shake in their shoes should it be developed further. It went nowhere.

Ismael Aviso (Screengrab from Aviso's YouTube video)

Aviso's free energy technology has practically been dormant all these years, possibly even rendered obsolete with the fast pace of technological advancements. But his foreign counterparts appear to be interested as ever to learn about his the technology's secret.

"Friendly nga sila sa akin ngayon kasi gusto nila malaman sikreto ko (They are very friendly to me now because they want to learn my secret)," Aviso, 65, a resident of Navotas City, told this reporter in an interview.

They may just get what they want, as Aviso has been invited to an international energy conference later this month in the United States (US). He sent Manila Bulletin a copy of the invitation letter to prove it.

"Walang support kaya na-stress ako (There has been no support from government and it caused me stress)," Aviso shared, referring to his technology. "Medyo nag-lie low ako ngayon (That's why I've been lying low)."

Did you just Google his name? You might get turned off by the results: In March 2020, Aviso and his son were arrested for selling an alleged cure for the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) over on social media. But he has since put that unenviable experience behind him.

"Dismissed yung kaso pero hindi naisulat sa dyaryo (The charges were dismissed, but it wasn't published on the newspaper)," Aviso said begrudgingly.

MEG, electric car

Aviso was actually more interested to talk about his alternative medicine, including his anti-COVID spray (which he calls "Alizin") more than anything else. After all, it was through his alternative health products that he has been able to make a living all these years, and not his free energy projects.

What made the Filipino inventor somewhat of a hot topic in free energy circles a decade ago was his motionless electric generator--MEG for short. It's "motionless" because it has no moving parts.

MEG can be described as a Tesla-inspired, fuel-less generator that can supposedly gather energy out of thin air. He refers to this as "ambient energy collection", which allows the generator to basically charge itself while it runs--no fuel needed.

Sounds crazy, right? Perhaps the best manifestation of this technology can be seen in another Aviso invention--his self-charging electric car (e-car). He has posted on YouTube various demonstrations of his e-car in action.

He said both the MEG and his e-car have a "free energy antenna" that is able to harness this unseen energy directly from the surroundings. And since they don't use traditional fuel, there are no emissions or harmful byproducts of any kind.

Speaking engagement

From July 7 to 11, Aviso expects to be in Hayden, Idaho for the Energy Science and Technology Conference (ESTC). Aaron Murakami, the person who signed the invitation letter, is listed as the founder of the event as well as its coordinator.

"We are aware with some of your work with high efficiency motors related to Tesla's technology as well as your work with anti-viral innovations and would like to cordially invite you to give a presentation on your technology and research to our attendees," wrote Murakami.

(Photo from Ismael Aviso)

"It will be an excellent opportunity for you to be able to meet and network with other like-minded professionals and enthusiasts alike...Your consideration in presenting at our event is greatly appreciated and would be a highly valuable addition to our event," he added.

The ESTC organizers have offered to cover for the Filipino's round trip airfare, lodging and meals during his stay in the US. "Baka sabihin ko na ang sikreto ko doon...ang importante ay ma-secure ko muna ang patent ko (I might reveal my secret there...what's important is for me to secure my patent first)," Aviso said.

"Hihingi na lang ako ng royalty sa magpapatuloy dahil wala na akong time at enough funding para maituloy. Wala na rin akong inaasahan na tulong sa ating government kaya go na ako na ilabas (I will just seek royalties from the person who will continue this because I no longer have the time or enough funding to do it myself. I don't expect any help from our government anymore that's why I'm now willing to reveal everything)," he said.

Years ago, Aviso had been heavily featured on PESWiki (PES meaning "pure energy systems"), a page that showed great interest on his e-car demonstrations on YouTube.

The entries written in February 2011 described in layman's terms what made the technology intriguing, if not amazing: " video YouTube his vehicle running for around 10 minutes back and forth in his long garage, with passengers on January 31, 2011 but the battery stayed full...There is no way that this one battery could sustain this vehicle for even a minute without dropping in voltage, without some kind of on-board regeneration of power taking place."

Another entry noted how Aviso's e-car battery began the demonstration with 12.6 volts, but ended up having 13 volts afterward. "Acceleration takes a lot of energy. Stopping and starting like that repeatedly should have sucked a battery bank down. Yet the battery stayed full, and then some," the entry read.

Efficiency is the name of the game

But why would foreign inventors still want to know about Aviso's free energy technology in 2021? Unlike a decade ago, electric vehicles (EVs) have become more commonplace, especially in the west. And where there is continued ubiquitousness, cheaper prices will inevitably follow.

Aviso claimed that his technology, when applied to vehicles, is simply better than what's out on the market.

"Hindi pa rin nakokopya ng iba ang technology ko. Ang efficiency lang nila ay 60 percent at ang akin base sa testing ay 136 percent. Wala pang naka-break niyan (Others have been unable to copy my technology. Their technology's efficiency is at 60 percent, while mine is at 136 percent. That has never been broken)," he proudly said.

Aviso has attended international conferences before, but he has always made it a point to give just a tease of his technology rather than bare all. It's a matter of pride, he said.

"They have scientists who are really good and are experts about Tesla technology," Aviso told this reporter in an email on December 6, 2011 when the latter was in Croatia.

"They asked very deep questions regarding ambient collection, but again I am very choosy to what question I will answer, because the questions are pointing directly to the secret of the technology," he said back then.

It remains to be seen how choosy Aviso will be in Idaho.