These celebrity moms love the new Pampers Aircon Pants

Published June 30, 2021, 4:25 PM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

Sam Pinto, Dianne Medina share why they #ChoosePampers 

An active baby is a happy baby. Parents value this even more now that our precious babies are stuck at home. We want them to stay mobile and explore, even if it’s in the four corners of the house. But staying indoors can also bring many problems including rashes caused by wearing non-breathable diapers all day long.  

Not to mention, living in a tropical country like the Philippines, “kulob” concerns will always be there. Tips such as applying a layer of lotion, petroleum jelly, or baby powder have been passed on from one generation to another, even changing diapers often and loosening them upon wearing, are all band-aid solutions that have not been proven effective. Diaper leaks are also unavoidable, and it’s a risk parents are willing to take just so our babies can roam free. 

QUALITY FAMILY TIME. Parents Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico share many memorable moments with baby Tili
because they #CHOOSEPAMPERS.

Disposable diapers have been a staple, and parents have accepted the fact that rashes, “kulob,” and leaks are here to stay. What if there is a better option? Pampers Aircon Pants was first introduced in 2020 as a limited offering, but with the high demand for it, it is now back with new improvements such as having 10 million microholes that deliver aircon presko feeling all day long.  

Aside from providing superior breathability, the new and improved Pampers Aircon Pants have also been tested—based on surface temperature technical test after liquid loading—to provide up to five degrees cooler temperature. With these improvements, Pampers is confident that they can make both moms worry less and babies happier. These celebrity moms share why they love Pampers Aircon Pants.  

Protection from rashes 
The blooming Sam Pinto is on her 31st week and is excited to meet her bundle of joy. “As a new and expectant momma, I have to learn and research about all of babies’ needs. And I know that diapers are one of the main things that they need all the time. I had to look for a brand that a lot of parents love and praise, and I stumbled upon Pampers Aircon Pants.”   

BYE BYE RASHES. One of the many concerns of expectant mom Sam Pinto is
for her baby to be free from diaper rashes.

At first glance, Sam knew that Pampers could address all her concerns such as rashes and for her baby to be comfortable all the time. “Anyone who has bum rashes will be fussy. Plus, I want her to feel cool, and for the diaper not to leak and her bum to be wet with pee.” 

Aircon presko feeling 
Dianne Medina is glowing as a new mom to baby Joaquin, and Pampers Aircon Pants contribute to that glow of stress-free mom life. The first thing that she noticed with Pampers Aircon Pants was how vibrant and colorful it is. “But more than the packaging, I like its quality and how affordable it is,” she adds, mentioning that she has tried other brands, but the quality wasn’t at par. “With Pampers, I get both good quality and affordability. Ayaw kong tipirin ang anak ko (I don’t want to scrimp on my baby). I only want to give him the best.” 

HAPPY MOMMY AND BABY. Dianne Medina knows that her baby Joaquin is happy and comfortable in Pampers Aircon Pants.

Using quality diapers also give parents more quality time as a family. “Parents don’t have to change diapers as often, and daddy Rodjun and I have more time to rest. This technology that I am talking about is made even better with the addition of 10 million breathable micro-holes, air channel heat regulation, and a breathable belt, making it more breathable with reduced humidity and kulob feeling. Gusto kong laging happy and comfortable si Joaquin (I want Joaquin to always be happy and comfortable).” 

She also loves the presko-feeling it gives all day, protecting her baby from rash-causing heat. And with Dianne being a great dancer, this mom-and-son duo couldn’t help but join the dance challenge by Pampers. “I had so much fun doing the #PampersAirconChaCha dance challenge with my baby Joaquin. I’m sure Joaquin enjoyed it also, because he was smiling and dancing the whole time.” 

PAMPERS AIRCON PANTS The new and improved diaper pants has 10 million micro holes for superior breathability.

Pampers has made many improvements with their Aircon Pants such as providing top-notch breathability with its 10 million microholes that has been tested to deliver cooler temperatures up to five degrees. Less “kulob” means less diaper changes and less diaper rashes, leading to happy and active babies—and worry-free mommies. Pampers Aircon presko feature provides better quality life for both mommies and babies, convincing these celebrity moms, and mothers all over the world, to #ChoosePampers.