Alyssa Valdez on winning, saving, and planning your future

Published June 30, 2021, 10:49 PM

by Robert Requintina

Alyssa Valdez

Athlete-celebrity endorser Alyssa Valdez is helping you prepare for uncertain times!

As the Face of Allianz PNB Life, Alyssa believes you’ll cope better if you have products and services designed to meet the lifetime financial planning, wealth accumulation, and well-being aspirations.

“It’s always best to have some kind of protection. Nobody knows what the future holds,” quips Alyssa.

Here are some ideas how to think about your plans for the future:

1) Tell us your campaign for Allianz PNB Life. What are the activities lined-up for this campaign?
“I’m excited to learn and promote insurance by Allianz. I learned that Pinoys don’t usually think of insurance, and that many Pinoys are not insured. Unlike people in more advanced countries, wala sa isip nila ang insurance, and protecting the future from unforeseen circumstances. That means many Pinoys are vulnerable to financial issues from health problems, from accidents, job loss. So as I learn about this, the activities I will do will also share what we can learn about insurance with others. It’s like educating myself, and others, about the importance of insurance.”

2) How important/significant is this project to you? Why did you accept this endorsement?
“I am realizing that nobody beats father time. I’m still healthy, kaya pa naman ng katawan, pero I know I won’t be playing volleyball forever. I have to start thinking of the future and how to secure it. I have to change the attitude na di ko iniisip masyado yung future. Insurance by its nature is how to protect your future. I am glad that at this point in time Allianz asked if they could explore ways to work together, and I’m glad I have a strong partner to help me think about the future in the right way.”

3) How will you convince the young professionals to join your campaign, especially now that times are hard due to the pandemic?
“Well, ganito, times are hard, but if you aren’t ready, it can even be harder. What if things get worse? What if you get sick during these hard times (not necessarily COVID, but puwedeng other illnesses, di naman nawawala yung cancer or tumors or dengue). Even if times are hard, all the more you should be ready and play defense for the future. And what’s more, you’re not thinking only of yourself. You’re also thinking of your loved ones. If you can protect yourself in case something happens to you (at sana naman hindi!) then at least your loved ones will have protection also. Again, times are hard, but you can protect yourself against harder times.”

4) Why buy life insurance young?
“Life insurance, and even health insurance, I have learned, is cheaper, especially in the long run, when you’re younger because your risks are lower. And what’s more, if you have an investment component in your insurance, what you put in gets accumulated. Through the compound interest and investments made by Allianz, in the future, you can have something to draw from in case you need it. In any case, it’s like you are saving for the future and putting it into an investment that can give you a return when you get older.”

5) What are the important features of Allianz PNB Life Insurance? What are your personal favorites?
I like that they’re trying hard to simplify insurance. Medyo parang complicated siya when you first read about it, but they really are working hard to make it easy to understand and simple for people like me who don’t have much prior knowledge about it. Another thing I like is that they are not just about their insurance business. They’re also about securing the future of the world because malaki ang focus nila sa environment protection, which they forward through their sustainability initiatives. Parang they are not only securing the future of their customers, but also everyone, with these activities.

6) Please share us some of your wise investments, so that other people may be inspired to do the same?
What I learned early on from the Allianz Life Changer is that health is wealth. That’s the first thing you should invest in. And I don’t just mean keeping healthy by exercising and having a proper diet. No matter what you do, you can still get sick, or hurt in an accident. Nobody knows. I feel like one of my best investments is in Allianz’s health products, which they call Allianz Well!. I now feel better since I know in case I get hospitalized, I have an insurance policy from Allianz that will cover my financial worries. Another investment I feel wise about is a policy called Allianz Shield, which I got for my parents because I want them protected also. It has life protection, but also critical illness and accidental death benefits. Kaya pati sila, covered.

7) So how can Allianz PNB life insurance help the young cope with the challenges during the pandemic?
“Another thing I learned is may kanya-kanyang sitwasyon. My advice is to talk to an Allianz LIfe Changer. You can find them in Allianz’s Agency network or at a PNB branch, where they can assess your situation, your capabilities, and advise you on what you will need based on your life stage and situation, and on what is properly affordable.”

8) What do you tell people if they are not interested in life insurance?
“Ay naku! Mga kaibigan, it’s time to change our attitude. It’s always best to have some kind of protection. Nobody knows what the future holds. Best to be protected from illnesses financially, and to invest wisely in your future. We should really remember na tao lang tayo. We have the means to do something, to take control of what could happen, so if we’re prepared and something bad happens (na sana naman wala), we’re ready.”