Pasig City to sue 2 alleged vaccination fixers—Mayor Vico

Published June 29, 2021, 10:41 AM

by Jel Santos

Two alleged fixers will be sued by the local government of Pasig City for selling vaccination slots to residents, Mayor Vico Sotto said on Tuesday (June 29).

Sotto said one of the two individuals they identified was a profiler in one of the city’s vaccination teams.

“Definitely, charges will be filed against these two individuals. We have a witness against them,” he said in Filipino during a radio interview.

“Our legal team is now studying what are the appropriate charges that will be filed against them.”

Sotto believes that there are more fixers in the city who are extorting money from individuals who want to be inoculated against COVID-19.

“Their modus is that they ask for money from individuals who want to be immediately vaccinated. They give them early appointments,” he said.

Sotto said what the fixers did was very unfair for those who underwent the process and waited for days just to get inoculated.

The mayor said they are looking for evidence and witnesses against other vaccination fixers in Pasig City.

“We are looking for evidence and people who will testify against these fixers so legal charges can be filed against them,” he said.

Pasig City requires individuals to register online in order to get a vaccination slot. It is also strictly implementing a no walk-in policy in vaccination sites.