FAMOUS: Paul Pablo drops 'Kalawakan'

Paul Pablo

FRESH from the success of his smash hit single “Bangin,” Paul Pablo released his highly-anticipated follow-up single under Warner Music Philippines titled “Kalawakan.”

Paul is a 21-year-old Davao-based out and proud LGBTQI advocate who is also one of the industry’s most talented young artists and songwriters. The central themes of his songs are anchored on issues of love, identity, and social tension as creatively presented in his signature pop sound that is seamlessly merged with such genres as electro-pop, indie, disco, synth-pop, and R&B.

He gained mainstream recognition in 2020 as he broke into the music scene with his hit single "Bai" that also featured a self-produced music video that garnered over 21K views on YouTube.

Last February, he released his debut single under Warner Music Philippines titled "Bangin." The single paved the way for him to reach massive and consistent radio placements; and a more international reach on such platforms as Spotify with over 200k streams and YouTube with over 30K views.

“I am inspired to create a different artform that combines music and visuals. I also want to do songs that have a universal appeal that promotes the artistry of the Filipino LGBTQI community. This is a very bold advocacy and I am grateful that I have the full support of Warner Music Philippines – that is a strong and passionate ally of the rainbow flag. Ultimately, I aim to celebrate diversity and love through the songs that I create,” says Paul.

Paul further adds that he feels free and honest as an artist who is a part of the LGBTQI community that celebrating Pride Month this June. "It feels good to do something I naturally love. I also know that I'm not alone because the community got my back. I also hope that members of the community who are still questioning their gender identity or who's still in the closet to find inner peace by setting themselves free and love themselves for who they truly are.”

In these trying times of the pandemic where the effects of being on lockdown and the new normal greatly affects the mental health of a lot of people, Paul’s “Kalawakan” is centered on having faith in oneself while letting go of the fears and uncertainties that keeps people from making their aspirations a reality.

Written, and recorded by Paul in collaboration with producer Kyle Pulido who is the lead vocalist of Davao’s 3AM, “Kalawakan” is conceptualized to inspire millions of Filipinos to be courageous despite obstacles.

“Through ‘Kalawakan,’ it is my goal to make listeners realize that they are more than enough to achieve anything they want. That each of them possess the power from within themselves to make their dreams come true, regardless of whatever circumstances. As a gay man in the music industry, my gender is never a hindrance for me to accomplish my dreams. Instead, it is one of the main factors that keeps me going strong,” says Paul.

“We must celebrate ourselves and the power that we have to overcome any and every challenge that comes our way, and nothing can stop us from chasing our dreams if we put our minds into it and if we believe in ourselves.”

It should also be noted that Paul is currently working on his debut, full-length studio album under WMP in which “Kalawakan” will be a part of.

“Kalawakan” is now streaming on Spotify and YouTube and other digital music platforms.