This family man is not giving up

Published June 22, 2021, 6:49 PM

by Jessica Pag-iwayan

The pandemic and typhoon may have hit them hard, but Joseph Aaron Angeles is soldiering on

HAPPY FAMILY Joseph with his wife Ayn and daughter Anielle


For some, when they hear or read this word, the first thing that comes to mind is the hit American crime series film, “Godfather.” But for the loving husband, father, and businessman, Joseph Aaron Angeles, dreams of making Godfather the local shoe brand that every Filipino will be proud of. But this goal is not easy. 

Down memory lane
Established in May 2016, Godfather Shoes is a dream come true for Joseph. “I was from the banking industry. I worked there for eight years, then after that I worked full time in this business,” the 35-year-old father tells Manila Bulletin Lifestyle in an exclusive interview. “This is the first and successful business I ventured in.” 

Even though the brand is fairly new in the industry, it already secured a partnership with two of the most sought-after actors in the country—John Estrada and Derek Ramsay. The actors collaborated with the brand to launch their own shoe designs. 

The road to success is not always smooth sailing as he went through many challenges. But Joseph’s intentions in putting up this Godfather has always been pure and noble—to provide for his family and to honor God, the Mighty Creator, hence the name of the brand. 

Triple blow
When pandemic struck the world last year, the shoemaking industry is among the sectors that was hit the hardest. With nowhere to go to, people didn’t have any reason to buy new shoes. Godfather, being positioned as a wedding shoe brand, this even hit them further for most weddings are cancelled. 

As if these were not yet enough, Joseph’s house and main shop in Marikina were among the casualties hit by typhoon Ulysses, majorly Marikina and Rizal last November 2020. 

“Imagine, yung buong first floor pati basement lubog. Ilaw nalang makikita mo (Imagine, the basement and the first floor were flooded. The only thing that you can see were the light bulbs),” he says. “That experience is like a scene from ‘Titanic.’ As we went down the stairs, we saw the water pouring in enveloping the whole area.” 

Getting strength from above
The danger the typhoon that affected his family, and the damage it caused their business, Joseph promised to himself that that it would be the last time his family will experience a traumatic flood. 

To bounce back, he looked back on the reasons why he’s working hard. “We established Godfather shoes for all the Filipinos,” he says. “When in terms of my family, it’s for my children, that when I’m gone, I have something to pass on them.” 

The brand was established in 2016, the same year, Joseph married the love of his life, Ayn Buyco Angeles. As of writing, Ayn is pregnant with their second child. After the flood, Joseph found a new place for his business and his family.

With all of this, Joseph is grateful to God for all the guidance and blessings he’s receiving. He’s also thankful to all the loyal customers who help them to keep the business afloat despite all the trials the brand and his family went through. 

He then shares some of the things he learned from his experiences. “Keep your values. For me, I always prioritize my family with every decision and plan I’m making,” he says. “And it’s easier to make decision if you have a partner. In my case it’s my wife. Also, when I’m stress, it’s my daughter Anielle who’s helping me. By spending time with her, I am more relax.”