GOODBYE GIRL: Janella Salvador recalls crying after Markus Paterson left

Markus Paterson and son Jude

Actress Janella Salvador has nothing but good words for actor-athlete Markus Paterson, her partner and father of son Jude.

On Instagram, Janella recalled how a week after their child was born in October last year, Markus had to fly home to the Philippines alone and leave them for a month to shoot for a film.

"We brought you to the airport and as soon as we arrived, I saw the extreme sadness in your eyes. I actually cried during the car ride home without you. It felt surreal, you having to leave your son right after he was born. But you did it for him. You always do," she said.

Then the 23-year-old actress thanked her bae for being the "most amazing, hard-working, present and hands-on father" to Jude.

"I couldn’t be more thankful that I’m going through this crazy parenthood chapter of life with you. Happy Father’s Day, booba-boo," she said.

Janella's mom, Jenine Desiderio, also greeted Markus for his first Father's Day celebration.

She even sent her mother a cake and cupcakes.

As for Markus, he uploaded a two-fie of him and Jude. Then he wrote: "FIRST DAD DAY EVER."

He also shared the doodled message made by Janella's brother, Russell.

"Happy Father's Day Kuya Markus!!! From Russel and Mama."