This Grade 12 student spends his time tinkering with just about anything during quarantine. Look at what he invented

Published June 18, 2021, 10:03 PM

by Merlina Hernando-Malipot

With creativity and resourcefulness, a Grade 12 student in Abra came up with his very own #QuarantineProject – miniature inventions which were created using available and recycled materials that can be found almost anywhere.

STUDENT INVENTOR. Jay-Ar A. Domen, a Grade 12 learner of Dugong National High School in Bucay, Abra uses his spare time during the quarantine for his miniature inventions. (Photo from DepEd Facebook)

The Department of Education (DepEd), in a Facebook post on Friday, June 18, featured Jay-Ar A. Domen, a Senior High School (SHS) learner of Dugong National High School in Bucay, Abra.

Jay-Ar is an SHS student taking up the General Academic Strand. DepEd said that he spends most of his time tinkering with just about anything and everything during the quarantine.

With schools still closed due to the ongoing coronavirus disease (COVID-19) situation in the country, students like Jay-Ar continue their studies at home under alternative learning delivery modalities implemented by DepEd.

‘Tinker Boy’

Like any other children, Jay-Ar loved toys.

However, unlike other families who can spend money for children’s toys, Jay-Ar’s parents – who are farmers – were not able to provide for such due to poverty.

Instead of being dejected, his situation – and his parents became – inspired Jay-Ar to explore and “invent” different things.

As a child, Jay-Ar started making his own toys – a habit he carried while growing up.

Making something out of ‘nothing’

Over a year into the quarantine, Jay-Ar was able to come up with miniature inventions using materials that are available – some of which are deemed no longer useful by other people.

Some of Jay-Ar’s inventions include a solar-powered toy, farming equipment such as a small tractor, and a water pump. He gathers various materials around him and recycles them for his creations.

In one of his inventions, Jay-Ar used a broken power bank, dynamo, and wire for the tractor model.

(Photo from DepEd Facebook)

(Photo from DepEd Facebook)

With a small solar panel he picked up somewhere, Jay-Ar used this to power and operate a small toy instead of using a battery.

(Photo from DepEd Facebook)

He also came up with water pump that circulates the water back to the bottle made of dynamo, broken ballpen, wire, straw, and bottle.

(Photo from DepEd Facebook)

Jay-Ar is thankful because he receives full support from his teachers who still visit him at their home to see his works even amid the pandemic.

He added that what he learned in the Electric Circuit and Basic Mechanics also helped him in making his small inventions a reality.

Despite challenges in the current situation, Jay-Ar told his fellow students who are dreaming to be inventors to keep going and never give up.

Grade 12 learner Jay-Ar A. Domen tells his fellow students to keep discovering things and experimenting until they become successful. (Photo from DepEd Facebook)

“Patuloy lang po kayong tumuklas sa mga bagay-bagay, mag-experiment hanggang sa maging successful kayo sa ginagawa ninyo (Just keep discovering things, experimenting until you are successful in what you do),” Jay-Ar said.