Sorsogon lawyer’s ‘crab mentality’ earns praise from netizens

Published June 17, 2021, 12:39 PM

by Dennis Principe

‘CRAB MENTALITY’. Bicolano lawyer Noel Allen Bose proudly shows his day’s earning, a fresh catch of crabs which was what his client could afford as payment for his services. (Photo from FB account of Noel Allen Bose/MANILA BULLETIN)

A young lawyer has given the phrase “crab mentality” a whole new, positive meaning, at least for a day.

Lawyer Noel Allen Bose did his usual daily routine early this week, attending a hearing for one of his clients in Sorsogon.

Bose posted on his Facebook account that after a hearing, his client told him about another dilemma when it comes to dealing with the lawyer’s services.

“Atty. Wala akong pambayad ng appearance fee mo. Pwede po ba yung huli nalang namin ang ipambayad ko sa inyo? (Atty, I won’t be able to pay your appearance fee. Is it OK if we pay you with our catch?)” posted Bose quoting his unnamed client.

Bose said he gladly agreed but admitted to be startled with what was given to him: Freshly caught crabs tied into a bundle.

Bose then ended his post by mentioning a number of medicines for arthritis, which meant he would gladly consume his unusual take home later in the day.

Childhood friend and call center agent Bimbo Moll in an interview with Manila Bulletin attests to the kindness of Bose as well as talent as a potentially efficient lawyer when they were still kids in Legazpi City.

When my brother was grounded by my father for a pettiness, he lawyered for him at eight years old. Allen was able to convince my dad to allow my brother to play with us even when he was supposed to be grounded that time,” said Moll.