These daughters share how dads make dreams come true

Published June 17, 2021, 1:10 PM

by Denice Sy Munez

Artwork by Ariana Maralit

Diana Yap and her dad Jerry Yap

Diana Yap, Entrepreneur and CEO of Petalier and Blloons
“Take it one day at a time,” was the most cliché yet relevant piece of advice that Diana picked up from her dad Jerry Yap. She shares that “when I started running my business, I was always very overwhelmed… but to this day, I still get to apply that principle, not just in business, but even in my personal life.”
Her dad’s presence was pivotal in helping shape who she is today. Diana describes her dad as “hardworking, big-hearted, clever, resilient, and happy-go-lucky.” And as industrious and diligent as her dad is toward his work, he is equally generous with his time for his family, friends, and others around him.
He serves as a role model for who Diana aspires to be one day, and she’s slowly getting there as her businesses, Petalier and Blloons, continue to gain ground in making their own name in the branded luxury floristry and balloonery space.
Diana’s message to her dad: “Thank you, Papa, for being an amazing father to our family. I am sorry for the times I wasn’t a good daughter. Thank you for all the patience. I thank God for you everyday, and may you always be the millennial and young-at-heart dad that you are!”

Rose Tolentino with her father Romualdo Tolentino

Rose Tolentino, entrepreneur and chief executive officer of RCT5 and Alike Media, Inc.
As the creative and brand partner behind brands like Oh Crop! Adlai, OMO White, Santino’s Seafoods, and Alike Media Publishing, Inc., among others, Rose is motivated to take on and thrive in different industries without fear. This is because “my dad truly shaped the horizon of my reality the moment he banished ‘impossible’ in my dictionary.”
Growing up, she recalls having the most “absurd dreams and goals” as she would describe them. And as she openly talked to her dad Romualdo Tolentino about these, “not once did he make me feel that I can’t reach them.”
A father’s confidence in his children can be life-changing, and it is her dad’s relentless belief in herself which has kept her hopeful, faithful, and resilient in her magical, albeit challenging, journey as an entrepreneur so far.
Rose’s message to her dad: “Of all the words in the English language, I find it is only the word ‘Daddy’ I have not changed in intonation from when I was young. I say it with the same ‘pa-cute’ childish voice. I’ve always said it, and this made me realize how timeless my dad’s presence is in my life. He’s been the best provider financially, emotionally, and spiritually all throughout my life, and my message for him is less in words spoken and more in the woman I become—impactful.”


Julienne Ipapo with her daddy

Julienne Ipapo, entrepreneur, content creator, and podcaster @journeywithjulienne
Julienne has made quite a name for herself as a podcaster and a Tiktok influencer, amassing over 426,000 followers on the platform. Her Tiktok niche? Wisdom and wellness stories, aligned with the lesson she has picked up from her dad Julius Ipapo which she continues to live by, “choose the path of kindness and humility.”It is through her dad’s example that she is reminded of God’s love and compassion. “Everyone is going through their own struggles in life which is all the more reason to be kind and humble as we live.”
As a child, her parents enrolled her in multiple sports and activities, always encouraging to explore her talents and dreams. According to Julienne, their genuine support is what motivates her to push further towards her goals and inspire her to want to leave a big and positive impact for others; “the fact that my dad tells me that I can do it makes it feel more possible.”
Julienne’s message to her dad: “Happy father’s day to my kind, generous, handsome, and hardworking dad. Thank you for inspiring me to do my best with this life and to choose the path of kindness and humility. Thank you for being a loving husband to Mom and a good father to me. Because of you and the relationship that you have with Mom, I know that love is real and having true love in a relationship is possible. Most of all, thank you for bringing me closer to God, the most important part of life. I love you!”

Trisha Young and her dad Song Young

Trisha Young, Entrepreneur and Brand Owner of Saturday Goose and the Elephantique
Trisha was initially scared and insecure when she first ventured into her own business. Her dad was one of the reasons she eventually developed confidence and drive to finally pursue it. “My dad has always been my rock and my number one supporter.”
According to Trisha, the best piece of advice her dad has imparted to her is the power of prayer.“We can do nothing without prayer and everything with it!” As she started the Saturday Goose in the pandemic, and Elephantique a few years prior, she felt the comfort and support of her dad, which enabled her to work hard for her endeavors, paired with stern prayers for God’s guidance and blessings. She has not seen her dad Song Young personally since the pandemic hit in March 2020.
Trisha’s message to her dad: “Happy Father’s Day, Dad! Thank you for being my number one supporter and cheerleader! Thank you for working very hard for the family to give us a very good life and for shaping me to who I am today. We may be spending another Father’s Day apart, but know that I’ll always be here and keep you close to my heart. Hope to see you soon soI can hug and kiss you! I love you!”