Mo Twister marries Angelika Schmeing

Published June 16, 2021, 3:50 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Diminutive radio and TV host Mo Twister recently tied the knot with Angelika Schmeing.

He shared the news via Instagram, posting a photo of them taken after their wedding in Iceland.

“Here’s a tip about getting married in a faraway wilderness like Iceland. Have not one but two backup plans,” he quipped. “For the second time we have been here together, things we had scheduled a long time ago were canceled by weather. We had some extreme weather that made us completely overhaul the entire day.”

According to him, another snowstorm actually disrupted the wedding.

Angelika’s wedding dress was ripped by the weather and the elements, while his clothes were drenched.

“We moved to several locations, the kids nearly froze to death, they had to stay in the hotel cuz they just couldn’t handle the weather any longer, then like a miracle, we found a bright, calm and SUNNY spot wherein it ended up with just the two of us,” he shared.

Mo described it as “insane and insanely romantic.”

“It was incredible. Our amazing videographer did an awesome job leading the way. And yay! I get to finally wear a wedding ring!! I love you @angelicopter, no wedding hashtag.”

The two were engaged last year.

DJ Mo and Angelika have a daughter together, while the latter has a child from a former partner.