GOSSIP GIRL: Two good reads

Published June 15, 2021, 5:30 AM

by Giselle Sanchez

Dr. Rob Walcher

Ever since I got my 15-minute LASIK procedure at the American Eye Center in Shangri-La Edsa, I started reading again. Oh! The delight of reading without eyeglasses is such a happy feeling. I chose two good books this week, quick reads that can help your body and spirit. 

Lets’s start with the former – Doc Rob’s Guide to Better Health and Wellness. I found the book for sale in the chiropractic clinic of Dr. Rob Walcher, the famed chiropractor husband of actress Patricia Javier.

His book is a quick read, 100 pages divided into five chapters of how to get better health and wellness – choosing chiropractic care, exercise, watch what you eat, sleeping well and thinking positive. I particularly like the chapter of choosing the right food because I would rather eat food as my medicine now and not take medicine as my food when I get old. The proper positions in sleeping were also a gain for me, since the author is a seasoned chiropractor – it provides very good information for back pain prevention. You can finish the book in one sitting but following the steps to wellness by the book will probably take some time and a lot of discipline especially the exercise part…one day at a time as a wise oracle would say. 

Ella Cruz

The second book I read will help me get to wellness and follow Doc Rob’s advise as the title of the book suggests what it can happen in your life, “Manifest” by Annie Tarasova. Manifest’ is a handwritten, illustrated guide to practical manifestation. Manifestation is a process of bringing your dream, intention or idea into physical world. It is a practice of turning your thoughts into reality. ‘Manifest’ breaks down manifestation into three parts. Power of Mind, Power of the Universe, and Action.

The impossible becomes possible when all three forces come together. Second half of the book is an interactive section for writing, goal setting, and vision boards. This idea is not new to me as I have drawn my dream home when I was eight years old and transferred to it when I was 30. I cut out pictures and placed vision boards of crowds and me in the middle of the big audience performing during high school, and I started doing exactly that (performing in big crowds) when I entered show business in college. Of course, my manifestation is accompanied by prayers to our Lord Jesus Christ and I would often ask Mother Mary and the saints to intercede. That one is not in the book.

I saw Ella Cruz promoting the book in her online shop on Instagram @life.is.ec where she sells charms and crystals. Ella has been “manifesting” for some time, and she has been getting good breaks in Viva. Her horror movie “Biyernes Santo” where she is the main character is now streaming in the VivaMax app and the actress has just finished another movie, “Gluta” written and directed by Daryll Yap where she plays an aeta who joined a beauty contest amid the color discrimination of everyone around her. Gluta will also be shown in VivaMax on July 2.